Hiking in Bolton

It was another great day for hiking. The day was cool, around 20 degrees C, so 15km hike was completely manageable.

This time we decided on a trail North of Bolton. We discovered it two weeks ago and we liked it well enough for a repeat.

25km hike in dense woods

Humber Valley Heritage trail is 25km long. We hiked for over three hours, through a trail of mostly dense woods and only saw one other group of people with their little dog. Talking about idyllic privacy! It was great, like owning our own private heavily wooded forest as a backyard.

Our dogs enjoyed the hike tremendously, as they were off leashes. It wasn’t hot for them and they had plenty of streams to dip into. However, they are Retrievers, clean water is not enough.

Some dogs have webbed feet… for a reason

Tiger had to take a mud bath…. so typical for Retrievers. They are bird hunting dogs and it’s instinctual for them to dip in streams, marshes, and wade through mud. They even have webbed feet. We joke that they are a cross between a dog and a duck. And yes, they certainly have an affinity for game birds.

What are these flowers called?

Hiking once again was awesome. We had a complete uninterrupted adventure with nature and managed to take some photos of wild flowers. Unfortunately, I am not a botanist and cannot name them, but they sure caught my eye. If you know any of these plants let us know what they are .

PS. Some bugs were trying to get us, but I must say B vitamins are a really great anti-bug remedy.

Ideal for Uthing Score B

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