Hiking In Forks

This was our April 2010 UthingTM event. It has always been a challenge for us to provide our two pooches Tiger and Leo with good amount of exercise.

We live in a large city and dogs are expected to be on a leash all the time. There is no way this is a healthy proposition for an active dog breed.

Group dog walks

One day while browsing through pages on the internet I came across a link that promised to take care of that problem. The idea was that people with dogs get together and hike while dogs are off leashes. Sounded good, so we signed up for one Sunday.

Hiking with 12 others

There were approximately 14 dogs altogether and the same number of people. Dogs sizes ranged from small Pugs to large Great Danes. Despite size and temperament difference all dogs and people got along just fine. Dogs ran around chasing each other and splashed in rivers and lakes, while people exchanged their ideas about health, politics, and travel. It was a good hike and we will go again.

Although the walk seemed to be quite easy for us (was advertised as moderate to difficult) we had our buttocks sore the next day. If you live in Ontario and want to get a group hike with your dog this company can be of great find: http://dogpaddlingadventures.com/

WHERE: Forks of Credit, Ontario

Ideal for Uthing Score C

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