Hiking with butterflies

If you wish you could take your kids hiking, but cannot due to physical limitations there is good news for you.

Take the entire family to Wings of Paradise. Wings of Paradise is a butterfly conservatory located near Cambridge, Ontario.

Wings of Paradise

The conservatory itself is confined to a relatively small area, which is great for people having difficulty walking long distances. All is required is to be able to walk a few steps at a time with plenty of rest in between slow strolls. Walkways are paved and even, suitable even for a wheelchair access. Benches are scattered throughout in case one gets tired of standing.

2000 butterflies

Observing and interacting with butterflies is a real pleasure. In the conservatory you will get surrounded by about 2000-3000 free living butterflies from the tropics.

They will amaze you with colors and shapes. They will flutter their wings in front of you when you least expect them. Green, blue, red, orange, white, or yellow, whatever color you can imagine you probably will see there.

Atlas Moth

Those who are patient and observant enough will be specially rewarded by the appearance of an Atlas Moth. This moth has unusual markings on orange background and its size can reach up to 20 cm (8 inches).

The butterflies may land on you at any time, so have your camera ready. We managed to take a few nice still shots, although their constant movement made it difficult to catch special moments. Kids get very excited when a butterfly takes a ride on grandpa’s head.

Is is for your health

So, even if not so fit, you can enjoy a few not so physically challenging activities. A trip to the conservatory is a great way to:

  • Challenge the eyesight as you are spotting more and more colourful butterflies
  • Train reflexes as you are taking quick shots with your camera
  • Pretend you are hiking, while you are strolling among tropical trees
  • Have an awesome time with all of your family

There is one warning however: it may be hot and humid there. The environment mimics the natural habitat. If you are heat sensitive please read our article on how to reduce heat intolerance.

 Ideal for Uthing Score E

Level A, B, C, D will not consider this a fitness challenge, yet it can be a lot of fun.

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