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How chronic stress shapes your hips

Did you know that there is a strong relationship between your stress level and how heavy your hips are?

It appears that chronic stress may widen your hips, because your body fat distribution follows orders from your brain.

Stressed, fatigued and pear-shaped?

Being a pear shaped woman may be a sign of advanced adrenal insufficiency. It has been known for long that chronic stress can lead to unintended weight gain, but recently we also figured out that worn down adrenals may cause hip enlargement.

Adrenals are small glands responsible for hormonal balance. They get activated during stress. While doing so they produce hormones that decide where to store fat.  Being heavy in the hips can be warning sign that stress has gotten a solid grip on you. If you top it with lack of energy and low blood pressure, you should look into adrenal exhaustion.


Overweight and forgetful?

Chronic stress can make you put on weight, which in turn may lead to other things. A recent research released by Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois has added an extra spin on obesity: body fat affects your memory.

The study done on 8,000 women concluded that overweight women have poorer memory than normal-weight women. The connection is very pronounced and suggests that the higher the weight the poorer the brain performance.  Women who scored the worst had something in common: a pear shape body.


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