Uthing System is

  1. the only comprehensive well-being check you can do yourself at home (Uthing tests)
  2. a guide to health restoration (5 Uthing Ingredients)
  3. a wild shortcut to super-health (Uthing ProPortions)

The purpose of the system is to permanently improve your health in the shortest possible time without pills, medical procedures, snake oils, or other BS.

Uthing Program Summary

Uthing System is designed to

  1. give you an idea about your body’s functional state 
  2. give you an objective “before” and “after” while you are improving your health
  3. give you lifestyle guidelines on how to become or stay healthy
  4. set you on a permanent course towards super-health

To find out more what Uthing system is and what isn’t, please visit this page

P.S. Uthing System has nothing to do with medical diagnosis or treatment. It is a completely independent system. Uthing System can pick up a tiny health-decline years before any diagnosis could be made.

Uthing Scores

The entire Uthing System is based on Uthing Scores. These you get when you get yourself checked.

If your scores aren’t ideal you may want to take advantage of our Uthing shortcuts to health. These zoom on the most potent gene-altering lifestyle habits.  


Uthing Scores are calculated from four area-specific tests: 

  1. symptoms
  2. appearance
  3. biochemistry
  4. function

These Scores are similar to school grades: A, B, C, D, and E. After taking all four tests and getting all your Scores, you will get a good insight into your wellness level and a sense how to prioritize your health-upgrading approach. 

For more on ABC, look up this page.


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