How many eggs a day

How many eggs a day and other step van improvements

These are my eggs. Not like actually mine (I’m in menopause, so it can’t be), but these are my breakfast eggs. I’ve been eating three every morning, for years, maybe even decades. I do the same for supper. What? How many eggs a day can one eat before getting a heart attack

Oh, well, that depends. I left all the details in this stereotype-breaking egg post. Anyhow, since both of us are egg-o-holics, our egg department takes up a lot of space. This is where step van improvements had to happen. 

How many eggs a day and step van improvements 1

How many eggs a day do we need space for

We eat between 12-18 eggs a day between two of us. Half for me, half for Andi. Day in and day out. We are not crazy and yes, we heard all those warning bells about cholesterol (which are outdated like your grandma’s radio, BTW). 

Eggs are awesome. Cheap, available, easy to make, versatile, and great-tasting (but you need to put some salt on them, though). There is even more to the eggs.

how many eggs a day 1

Besides giving us great suntan (we don’t use sunscreens) and strong teeth (vitamin A&D, remember?) they also let us travel on a budget though USA and Mexico. Eg. Walmart in US sells 60 eggs for $7, and a Mexican grocery store wants 50 pesos for 30. That’s like $2.50 US!

With the above in mind we go through about 100-200 eggs a week. We need cold storage for that. 

Step van improvements start on Kijiji

By us, everything is on the budget. Food, clothing, and also any step van improvements. Andi is good at getting bargains, so we got a (slightly used) cooler for $25, instead of $130. But… according to Andi, everything needs to be modified. 

How many eggs a day and step van improvements 2

There’s nothing wrong with the cooler, but added legs turn it into a coffee table and a storage nook at the same time. Not bad. And yes, we do that too, drink coffee. Aren’t we bad? 

We drink coffee, because it has huge benefits. It prevents cancers, it protects against diabetes & dementia, and does liver a lot of good, so an extra coffee table with some storage underneath doesn’t sound bad.

Besides, Andi needs constant step van improvements just like a carrot needs fertile soil to grow.

Here are

How many eggs a day and step van improvements 3

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