How much does it take to have a good-looking body? Fit after 40

Fit body is a great asset. It is good looking, productive, and highly functional. Unfortunately it is hard to find, especially after 40

I haven’t always been fit. There were very a few reasons for it. Actually, there were mostly two: I was too tired to go to the gym and exercising always felt like too much effort for too little results. 

But some ten years ago I decided to put my body in order. I was in my mid-40s. My wish was to get fit. I went on low-fat, low-calorie, smoothie & protein shake diet and topped it all off with 6-day a week intense exercise. I dropped 15 lb in a few months, but the side effects were awful. 

I discovered the worst way to get fit after 40

I was hungry, weak, and un-energetic. My productivity went down to the proverbial zero. I got plagued by headaches, hypoglycemic symptoms, and practically turned into a vegetable. I slept a lot. I barely made it at work. Life sucked. I wanted to get to 120 lb regardless of the difficulties. I did, because I am stubborn like an ox, even though getting fit after 40 is a bitch. 

How much does it take to be fit after 40Those days I somehow believed that cutting down on food and limiting calories was the only way out of the spare tire curse. The method worked, but the process wasn’t nice.

Getting fit after 50 gets tougher

What’s worse, 10 years later I put it all back, and some more. I tried the same weight loss tricks as before, but this time the pounds weren’t going anywhere. I guess menopause is a bitch, not unlike getting fit after 40.

But instead of blaming my failure on unruly hormones, I tried a different dietary approach. I said I didn’t want any stomach growling or sleepy days. I wanted to live, not vegetate. 

Try new ways, not old low-fat BS

The “new thing” worked like a charm. This time I didn’t feel hungry, deprived, headachey, or weak. In fact, my energy shot up. Interestingly, I started losing weight without trying. I ate nice satisfying meals till full. Never counted calories, carbs, macros, or micros. I never got tired of the gym, although I had to restrain myself due to high level of energy. I stuck to 2-3 times a week, just to get a better muscle tone.  

I think I love it. Weight loss or not, I am sticking to it. Maybe menopause is a bitch, but I found a method for it.

So, how much does it take (even despite the menopause) to get a slim and fit body?

Not much: great food, full belly, and a place to spend your energy. 

I know you are rolling your eyes in disbelief now. You know from your experience it is not so easy… so did I, remember?

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