How not to get a stroke - cholesterol

How not to get trapped in nonsense lower cholesterol advice

Fat deposits accumulating in the heart and arteries is a big scare, so everyone is on a bandwagon to lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is said to cause heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, plugged arteries, and many other atrocities.

You may already be doing something about it. You may be on lipid-lowering medication, as per your doctor’s advice. But are you sure that the little pill your doctor gave you is really doing you any good?

Before you lower cholesterol with meds

Over the years, cholesterol went through a maze of gross manipulations, exaggerations, and mishandlings and left many baffled about their state of health. Lipid-lowering medication was supposed to save lives, but as per recent statistics it is not. It looks like starting 2016 the cardiovascular mortality is on the rise despite a larger proportion of people taking heart medication and keeping their cholesterol below “the risk level.”

Things to ponder about before lowering cholesterol numbers

There is no need to panic about not-that-perfect blood results, because forcing the numbers down may turn out to be a terrible idea. Before attempting to perfect your blood work, you should brush up on a few topics, just to make sure you are going in the right direction:

  • How not to get a stroke from your doctor’s “healthy heart” advice;
  • Why fat is good for women and what butter has to do with it;
  • Why people with ultra high lipids don’t have heart attacks;
  • Why lowering cholesterol does not reduce arterial blockage and at exactly which point the arteries start narrowing;
  • Why “good” cholesterol numbers may lead to erectile dysfunction, dementia, depression, anxiety, life-threatening infections, deadly cancers, and shorter life span;
  • When lowered numbers increase chances for stroke, death from coronary artery disease, and worsens heart failure outcome;
  • Why your doctor can’t tell you the truth;

All that plus:

  • The cholesterol sweet spot for men;
  • Most effective way to reduce LDL;
  • When to disregard total cholesterol numbers;
  • Why it is good to feed steaks to weak and demented;
  • How pharmaceutical companies manipulate data to sell you their useless products;

You will find the answers for the above and more in “The Cholesterol Trap!

Read it today. Get healthier tomorrow.


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