how to control fluctuating blood pressure without medication

How to control fluctuating blood pressure without medication

Is it possible to lower blood pressure spikes naturally? Can one bring the numbers into the perfect range without relying on a litany of meds, supplements, or home remedies?

The short answer is a big YES. This post  will teach you how to control fluctuating blood pressure completely naturally only by using your mind and your body.

Should you control fluctuating blood pressure without medication?

But why would you want try to control blood pressure fluctuations with anything different than drugs? Aren’t prescription medication the easiest, the most convenient, the fastest, and the most reliable method of bringing blood pressure spikes down?

Although they are, they also have a dark side. They come with many side effects, don’t offer a permanent cure, and don’t bring anyone closer to perfect health. They also come with a big flaw: an illusion that the heart is well taken care of


How to control fluctuating blood pressure with home methods

One day… the dreaded happens. Your monitor beeps at you with red numbers. What do you do? Do you double your meds, call a doctor, or a take magnesium supplement? 

Relax. There are many different ways you can control fluctuating blood pressure at home. If you need to lower you numbers immediately, switch to the article “what can lower blood pressure within minutes“. It will walk you through a technique you can do anywhere: at home, in a car, or even at work. If you follow the instructions you can drop your numbers by 20 points within the proverbial seconds. 

3 methods for blood pressure spikes

If you aren’t in a hurry, you can pick from several different methods below. These methods have been shown to regulate the numbers over time. Here are three of them:

For a comprehensive review on how to control fluctuating blood pressure completely naturally see the article how to lower blood pressure in 5 different natural ways. If your preferred method of controlling blood pressure is supplementation, you will find a few products below. These are well reviewed by the users. (PS. Do not use any supplements instead of meds or together with meds without consulting your doctor).

The best way to control fluctuating blood pressure is.. 

Sedentary individuals see a gym session as nothing more than a useless time occupying activity. Yet, regular exercise turns out to be the miracle prescription for fluctuating blood pressure. Studies demonstrated that both hypertension and fluctuating blood pressure are strongly correlated with a sedentary lifestyle. While hypertension may be simply due to poor circulation, fluctuating blood pressure is usually related to physical deconditioning

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureDo you know why gym-goers have healthier hearts than TV addicts? That’s because every physical effort is a golden opportunity for the body to train its blood pressure normalizing systems. And while a gym session provides an opportunity for exertion, TV offers none.

Exercise, a must for perfect blood flow

Physical effort is the key to a healthy heart. During physical effort blood pressure and oxygen sensors are schooled, the nervous system learns how to manage intensity, and the psyche gets a boost of confidence.

Exercise is exactly the time when the body gets trained for fight or flight. It is exactly during the time of physical exertion when the body learns how to deal with stress. It is exactly during that huffing and puffing, grunting, and groaning when the cardiovascular systems increases it’s adaptive capacity. 

A weak heart and weak grip strength go together

Did you know that the degree of health is directly reflected in the body functionality? When the body is healthier and more capable, so is the heart. Did you know that fluctuating blood pressure and weak grip strength go together? Did you know that weak grip is linked to cardiovascular disease?

In fact, grip strength is such a good predictor of health that it is linked to over 20 health conditions, including strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and other. The general rule is: the weaker the grip the poorer the health

How to strengthen the heart and boost health at the same time 

I don’t want to make you a cardiologist but I think it is worth to list a few cardiovascular improvements exercise can help with. It is not just about “healthier heart”, but about healthier body, healthier mind, and healthier attitude.

Here is a short list of the benefits:

  • decreased arterial stiffness1 which means that a pressure spike is less likely to show up, and less likely to be deadly.
  • decreased vascular resistance2 which means that the heart does not have to work as hard
  • decreased arterial thickness3 which reduces heart attack risk
  • increased arterial diameter, which leads to better blood flow and reduction of hypertension
  • lowered oxidative stress4 which translates to less wear and tear on the heart and the blood vessels
  • lowered inflammation5 which reduces the risk for cholesterol deposits in the arteries
  • decreased body mass which reduces disease risks associated with obesity
  • improved glucose/insulin balance which prevents diabetic progression and its complications
  • lowered sympathetic activity6 which translates to better stress coping ability and reduction of stress-induced diseases
  • increased parasympathetic activity which leads to relaxation and benefits associated with it; intense exercise can evoke deep relaxation and even sense of a bliss, it can reduce anxiety and a lessen the ability to feel pain
  • lower arterial over-reactivity to nervous system stimuli which prevents sudden blood pressure spikes
  • improved sensitivity of baroreflexes7 which results in a much faster normalization of blood pressure during physical effort

Exercise also helps in angiogenesis, the process of growing new blood vessels from the old ones. Not bad. Now, could you tell me which blood pressure pill can do all that?

How to control fluctuating blood pressure permanently

I hope to have convinced you (at least a little bit) that exercise is better than pills. While the pills are great for disease management (=you keep your bad heart), exercise has no competition when it comes to preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease. If you haven’t exercised in a while, take the above info to heart and start taking long walks daily. 

Your casual walks may soon transform into challenging hikes and those into the ability to withstand intense physical activity. By the time you realize you may be free of white coat syndrome, your veins may no longer pup out during arguments, you won’t be getting winded while walking up the stairs, and will be able to say good bye to heart palpitations while lifting a grocery bag

If you want to know how to control fluctuating blood pressure with methods other than exercise, including doctor’s tricks and tips on foods, supplements, and little-known lifestyle hacks, get yourself The Ultimate Guide today. This easy read will answer your questions about the underlying causes, symptoms, as well as which natural treatments may be most appropriate for you. Heart disease is reversible. If you are stuck with it, you just haven’t found the right solution yet. 

Health troubles are seldom random
Do your beliefs support your health goals? 



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