Do you think that:

  • Poor health is inevitable with advancing age?
  • You can’t change your genes?
  • Diseases need to be medicated?
  • Your doctor will save you?

I hope you said NO to every single point above. They are all false.

Health is made, not inherited or managed. You can inherit or manage a disease, but good health you need to earn.

Good health, average health, or no health?

Have you heard expressions such as

  • optimal health
  • good health
  • average health“, or
  • poor health“?

Sure, you have, but… have you given it a deeper thought?

There are as many health levels as there are people and calendar days. For example, you may feel healthy today, but not the other day. You may see yourself to be in above-average health when compared to your co-workers, but not when compared to your family.

Your doctor may feel your mother is in good health, yet she complaints of not feeling so hot. Your daughter feels on top of the world, yet she is 100 pounds overweight and takes two meds for asthma. An alcoholic feels incredibly well after a few whiskey shots and will deny any health issues.

Where do you draw a line between health and the illusion of it?

Health is a continuum

Health doesn’t just “is”, or “isn’t”. Health is a continuum with everyone sitting somewhere on it. The question is: where are you?


Don’t guess, when you can check. Yep, there’s such as thing. It’s called Uthing Score.

Uthing Score can tell whether you are at “A”, “E” or somewhere between. You don’t need lab requisitions or doctor’s appointment to get your Uthing Score. It’s a free of charge, on-line self-discovery tool for adults.

Why bother with Uthing Score?

I love self-discovery and I love progress, especially health progress. If you are like me, you will love Uthing Scores, because…

your Uthing Score:

  • gives you a reference point where you are compared to your ideal health
  • gives you a reference point where you are compared to your friends and family
  • gives you an idea what to focus on to shortcut your journey towards great health

It also:

  • gives you ample warning of declining health so you can avert medical surprises
  • helps you avoid health traps (snake oils, useless advice, protocols that stalls or harm health)
  • helps you track your progress on the continuum when you are actively working on your health (whether through diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, medication, or other)
WOW! Where can I get that Uthing Score?

Right here, just follow the orange button


Uthing Score, Your Portal to Great Health