How to keep your teeth forever

How to keep great teeth forever? (full)

Do we all have to succumb to a toothless old age? Do we all need to avoid nuts, raw carrots and crunchy tacos in fear of tooth mishaps? Although modern dentistry can do wonders to cover up any teeth gaps you always will be better off to keep your own healthy teeth. After all, it is not only a pain to take your dentures off every night, but neither your partner would find it attractive.

Do not feel hopeless; there is plenty you can do to keep your teeth cavity-free for a long time. There is a lot you can do, and definitely all is cheaper than an emergency dentistry. First, be aware of the three early warning signs of poor mouth health:

Warning signs of poor mouth health

Bleeding gums

Gums hold teeth in place and if they are soft, spongy, inflamed or delicate they may indicate your teeth could be soon in trouble. To rescue your gums you will need to improve your nutrition. Bleeding gums are frequently nutrient deficient.

Easy plaque build-up

Plaque is made up of bacteria. The mouth is not sterile and when healthy, it is full of good bacteria. But if the wrong type of bacteria is present a plaque builds up. Plaque destroys teeth. Carbohydrates promote growth of plaque bacteria, so check your diet. Reduce sugars and flour-based products to reduce plaque.

Thick coat on tongue

Thickly coated tongue is also an indication of microbial overgrowth and scraping the tongue in the morning will just not do it. Microbial build up in the mouth is not an isolated phenomenon and reflects the overall state of the body. If your body gets healthier, the tongue would clean itself. Healthy teeth cannot exist in unhealthy body.

When you think teeth think also bones. Strong bones equal strong teeth. If your canines are white and shiny, so are your bones. Remember this: whatever benefits your bones, also benefits your teeth. Here are three things you can do to improve both:

3 things to do to improve mouth health

1. Get more real food

Focus on full spectrum nutrition. Bones and teeth are not made of calcium alone, but of a full range of vitamin, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. All these nutrients have to be in the right proportion. Taking one nutrient without others may only cause further problems. Taking calcium pills for stronger teeth may be counterproductive. Junk food is low in nutrients. Eat real food, not junk food.

2. Eat more fat

Include fats to get more vitamin D. We live in an era of fat phobia. Unfortunately, adherence to a low fat diet may be highly damaging to our health. Fat is a rich natural source of vitamin D, a vitamin that promotes proper calcium absorption and utilization. This vitamin also builds strong immunity. Fats come in different shapes and sizes. Before you put more fat in your diet get familiar with what is good and what is not.

3. Worship sunshine

Get sunshine. UV rays are antibacterial, and increase vitamin D production. If you avoid sunshine due to fear of skin cancer, be aware that you may be actually doing the opposite by reducing vitamin D production. If you are not on photosensitising drugs, are well nourished, and have common sense, you should expose yourself to sun rays regularly. However to get the benefits your skin must not be covered with a sun block. Sun blocks prevent UV penetration and thus vitamin D production. If you avoid sun, use sun blocks regularly, and are on low fat diet, you may find yourself …. worrying about your teeth.

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