How to lower blood pressure, 5 natural ways to do it

How to lower blood pressure: 5 natural ways to do it

Doctor, how to lower blood pressure? Which foods should I eat, which supplements should I take? I want to reduce high blood pressure naturally and quickly. Please tell me how.

I get such requests all the time and I love it! I am thrilled when people want to take care of their health and are willing to do it the “hard way” AKA “the natural way”. Taking better care of our bodies is the best way to deal with health mishaps and it is also the only right way to start the journey towards better health. But, let me put the health lectures aside for another day and dive right into the details of how to lower blood pressure quickly without medication.

1- How to reduce blood pressure quickly

Let’s start with good news: yes, there are ways to lower blood pressure instantly and naturally AKA without pills, potions, lotions, or expensive (or inexpensive) gadgets. The trick is to know how to influence the stressed heart.

It may not be that obvious, but the heart follows the orders form the boss AKA the nervous system. If the boss is stressed and pushes the heart to go higher, go faster, the heart will do exactly that. So, if the blood pressure is high and does not want to go down, just talk to the boss. The trick is to know how to calm him down.

I dedicated the entire post on how to talk calmly to the boss and how to lower blood pressure instantly. If you want to become an expert on taming the raging heart influencer, be sure to read it.

2- How to lower high blood pressure naturally, but not exactly instantly

If you ever worked in a corporate world, you know that there are many ways to talk to the boss: the super effective way (see the paragraph before) or equally effective but without the time crunch. If you are not is a big hurry, can wait a few days and have aversion to diets, medication, and exercise, you will be thrilled to know that there is one clever way to lower blood pressure completely naturally, without the above.

Studies on hypertensive volunteers have shown that this no-pill, no-diet no-jumping jacks method is superiorly effective and lowers blood pressure better than aerobic exercise. I call it a lazy BP fix. Here is the entire scoop.

3- Foods that lower blood pressure

It is not a myth, but there actually are foods that increase, and some foods that lower blood pressure. The ones that are capable of reducing high blood pressure quickly aren’t actually the ones being promoted on internet. Don’t expect much from that garlic clove or onion soup unless they accompany you daily for months to come. Oatmeal and bananas may not work at all even if you make them your staples. In fact, due to the high carb content, they may make you a tad rounder, which isn’t what you or your doctor wants.

Foods that lower blood pressure quickly and most effectively belong to the diuretic family. Diuretics make the kidneys filter out excess water which sinks bp numbers. Some heart medications work exactly this way. The big difference is however, that diuretic foods don’t share the side effects of the diuretic medications.

Which foods to choose? The most effective foods that lower blood pressure are the ones that nicely and painlessly reduce swollen legs. Here is the full story on best and worst foods for swollen legs.

If you are plotting to ditch your meds and go with foods, I have a little bit of warning here. Don’t! Prescription diuretics can’t be swapped for diuretic foods just like that. They have different systemic effects, potency, and timing and trading one for another may lead to a cardiovascular disaster.

4- Yin, Yang ways to lower blood pressure

Also, not all water removing foods have the same effect. For example, cucumber is more effective in bringing blood pressure down than coffee for one big reason. Coffee carries hot (yang) energy and cucumber carries cold (yin) energy. Your doc or dietitian won’t tell you that, because this health tip belongs to the archives of Chinese medicine. But why would that matter?

It matters, because hypertension stems from excess yang in the heart, at least this is what Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors are saying. To reduce high blood pressure, the heart needs to restore yin energy and balance the overbearing yang.

Do you want to give Traditional Chinese Medicine a try? Here are yin food charts to help you get to the next health level.


5- How to lower blood pressure in two more ways

Eating specific foods is just one way to lower blood pressure. But there are other natural ways, equally effective. And no, there is no need to buy any supplements, special equipment, or memberships, because whatever you need for success, you already have.

You already have two killer weapons that if put to use skillfully, can make heart miracles happen. The beauty is that not only you already have the weapons, but you also have gotten life-long training on how to use those against hypertension. Yes, you are that rich, and that skilled!

So, let’s dive right in! There are two separate methods for calming the heart. One involves the use of the arms. The other one the use of the legs. Simple enough, isn’t it? Not only that. You already have been using them as intended (most likely even daily), except that now you need to focus your attention on it.

3 things to take to heart

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureWe all suffer from information overload and searches on google can be particularly overwhelming. Prevent yourself from stress. It’s unnecessary. It raises BP. Instead of googling yet another site, yet another piece of information, yet another advice, try to remember and put into use the three things you learnt in the last five minutes. To lower blood pressure quickly and naturally you need to:

  • Talk to the boss
  • Stick close to the bathroom, and
  • Use your hands and legs


Now when a friend asks you how to lower blood pressure, get your 3B answer ready: Boss + Bathroom + Body appendages. Got it? Great! Be a good friend.

For even more solutions to grab The Ultimate Guide.

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