how to make immune system stronger

How to make immune system stronger

It does not matter whether you are dragged down by colds and flus or worrying about cancer, all you need to know how to make immune system stronger.

Forget about medical terminology, jargon of immunological research or indigestible vocabulary on genetic testing. Boosting body defences does not require a Harvard diploma. It may be easier than you think.

How to improve immune system

Minerals can make or break your health and when it comes to body defences selenium is king. Without selenium the body cannot battle fungi, viruses, or cancers. Selenium is essential for health. Pay attention to the word “essential”. It means your body cannot make it and you need to rely on mineral richness of the soil.

Selenium deficiency is one of the more frequent reasons for a weak immune system. Many parts of the world, including USA have selenium-depleted soils. Selenium depletion is a serious problem for North America, because food processing further reduces this mineral’s presence.

Did you know that commercial breads made from wheat flour lose about 75% of its original selenium content during processing? That’s why you cannot expect to have a strong body while relying on processed food or if you buy foods grown in malnourished soils. Yep, there is zero selenium in French fries or sesame bagels and in many foods you are not suspecting of being nutrient-poor.

How to check for low immune system

Many people walk about with signs of weak immune system without being aware of it. Too bad, because compromised body defences are easily spotted. Besides the three obvious signs of the above there are also a few symptoms few people know about.  

Unfortunately, blood work is NOT RELIABLE in checking for strong body defences. It cannot even tell whether you selenium deficient. For that you need to do hair analysis. Hair analysis is quite reliable and can surely point to low selenium reserves. And although you may want to get good quality selenium supplements, know that the safest way to eat selenium and boost immune system is through eating the right foods.

Boosting immune system with foods

If you find that low selenium is the reasons for weak immune system than the simplest way to remedy the problem is to add Brazil nuts to your diet. Just one unprocessed Brazil nut contains about 80 mcg of selenium. Nothing else even comes close. To put it in perspective, one baked potato has a mere 1 mcg of selenium and a cup of carrots has … well … none.

Eating two Brazil nuts a day however may well be all you need to get rid of that persistent Athlete’s foot, under-bra Candida rash, herpes virus disguised as cold sore, or make a positive change on your next PAP smear.

Foods that boost immune system

But what if the reasons for weak body defences are other than selenium deficiency? Can foods still help? Yes, they can. There are a few commonly available and quite powerful foods that boost immune system.

Let’s have a little quiz. Can you tell which food listed here is the most and least beneficial for the immune system: coffee, yogurt, or almond milk? For surprising details check the links below:

Your own kitchen pantry can be a truly powerful health tool. Just avoid the bad stuff and focus on real food. Say no to processed food, sugar and junk and bring back fresh organic produce. Learn how to cook and use spices liberaly. Your body will love it.

I compiled a comprehensive cheat-sheet, a list of foods that boost body defences. Print this one-page download and post it on your fridge. This way you will have a constant reminder which foods to eat and which to avoid.


Reasons for weak immune system

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemYour body is complex, but you do not need to have elaborate measures to keep it in peak shape. Just follow nature’s rules: eat nutrient-dense, real foods and you will never worry about weak immune system again.

Nutrient dense means organic, real food means not processed. Check your cereal boxes, foil-wrapped granola snacks, cans filled with preserved carrots and peas and your pre-packaged dinner trays. Do they follow the health rules?

Oops! I told you it would be easy to know the reasons for weak immune system. All you need to do is to check for hidden nutrient deficiencies and immediately improve food quality. You can find the details on what, how, and where in a great read “Ousting Sniffles

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