How to reverse erectile dysfunction and lower blood pressure in one move

Did you know that the penis is an important health marker and that advice to lower blood pressure for guys with ED may not be too wise?

All jokes aside however, erectile dysfunction should not be taken lightly, because it may be your first clue that vasculature is in need of some plumbing work. Non-performing penis may be a subtle hint that you should visit an ophthalmologist and sign up with a personal trainer to rectify the problems. Yes, the problems. By the time your wee wee refuses to work other parts of the body also have done some mischiefs on you.

Erectile dysfunction plaque your friends

Statistic shows that at least 40% of men over 40 have some trouble below the belt. The number is likely much higher due to the fact most men do not eagerly admit to their non-performing status. However, things do not have to look so bleak. A few checks and a few changes and things can look much brighter on the next date.

First, preview your erectile status

Never skip a visit to an ophthalmologist. Even if you do not wear glasses the eye doctor may help you in the bedroom. He can simply predict a brewing erectile trouble by looking at your retina. The doctor can spot microscopic changes in eye vasculature before they manifest anywhere else, which means you can treat a fundoscopic exam as a sneak peek of your penile performance. Research demonstrates that retinal blood flow reduction precedes erectile dysfunction.[i] Who knew that poor vision may be a telltale of approaching relationship problems?

High blood pressure follows erectile dysfunction?

Poor blood flow does not stop at the penis. It will continue creeping up, first affecting smaller arteries, ending up at larger ones. Due to the fact that heart arteries are larger than those of the penis, erectile dysfunction typically shows up (or rather hides down) before hypertension appears.[ii] By the time one gets high blood pressure diagnosis, penile troubles are likely to be well under way. Stats say 60% of men with high blood pressure suffer from erectile dysfunction.[iii] I believe the other 40% may keep their mouths shut due to embarrassment.

The trouble starts here: lower blood pressure

The trouble starts with a very poor medical advice. Think about it. When the wee wee does not want to go North the last thing you want is to lower blood pressure. Higher blood pressure means higher likelihood of filling up that cavernosum chamber. Yes, your appendage depends on the blood flow and that’s why blood pressure goes up during the act.

The problem is that when erectile dysfunction is accompanied by hypertension your doctor sends you away with a pill that would lower blood pressure. Unfortunately, that won’t help your broken tool. It won’t help other organs, either. If the body revs up pressure to pump more blood, how does lowering blood pressure helps with that? It doesn’t. Few people know that when blood pressure is too low it can harm the organs just as bad as blood pressure that is too high?

Should your doctor then skip the heart meds? No, but he should tell you straight up front that hypertension is not just manageable, but reversible, and should give you some serious lifestyle advice. Why don’t most doctors do it? Because most doctors are trained in disease management, not health restoration. That’s why.

What does it mean to you? It means that you are about to become friends to many pills. Some that lower blood pressure, some to increase blood flow to the penis. Likely some for high cholesterol as well (oh, boy, here goes your testosterone production).[iv] It also means that unless you make lifestyle changes, you are going to continue on your journey towards poorer health, generously supported by your doctor’s prescription pad. Good perspective? No, especially that it also seems troublesome and expensive.

Aim at the root problem

Many heart patients believe that heart trouble originate in genes or is due to age. That’s total baloney. The most common cause of chronic heart trouble is sedentary lifestyle. Studies have demonstrated that arterial diameter shrinks in people who don’t move about (bad news for the penis). Clear message is: if you want to lower blood pressure you need to get physical.

Sitting around is passive and requires much less oxygen than jumping around. Physical activity forces the body to keep the arteries wider to accommodate blood flow needs. But pushing a lot blood through them is hard for the heart, thus “the minute” you rest, so does the heart and eventually the arteries. These are body’s smart budgetary calculations to save the energy in the most budget-cut friendly places.

Guaranteed way to shrink the arteries

The easiest way to reduce the arterial diameter is to lie around. Doing nothing is the fastest way to remodel the arteries in the wrong direction. A study on healthy volunteers demonstrated that it only takes five days of bed rest to make changes to blood flow, cardiovascular parameters and even hormonal health. What happens after those five days? The blood flow volume diminishes, blood flow speed goes down, and physical shrinkage of arteries gets noted. On top of that previously healthy people start to show early signs of insulin resistance as well as hyperlipidemia with increased cholesterol and triglycerides.[v]

Why bother understanding the above? Because inactivity can make your eyesight weaker, keep the penis sad, and force you to make friends with a cardiologist. Do you know why many men suffer from all these issues? Because most men lead highly sedentary lifestyles, but of course, that has nothing to do with you.

Because you don’t lie around!

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureYou work, you walk, you rush about. You don’t sit around and do nothing. You don’t lie on your sofa for hours on end while watching your favorite shows, you don’t play computer games and browse social media accounts till your head explodes, you don’t sit in your cubical working till late night, you don’t…. No, you are not a lazy bum. You just haven’t structured your days around physical exertion, because you haven’t clued into how badly lack of physical sweat would affect your personal life. But now since you do, your plan of action must include bum rescue, which means: stop putting so much chair pressure on it! Uff, that’s one hard habit to break.

But here is the good news. It takes only 4-6 weeks to remodel the blood vessels in the positive direction.[vi]  It only takes one month to widen the arterial diameter, so that your eyesight and your sex life, besides other things, can improve. And yes, lower blood pressure is part of the deal.

Thus, make a plan to exert daily like you never have before. Better yet, hire a personal trainer, so s/he can keep your excusitis in check.  After a month go back to your ophthalmologist, try a new position in bed, and smile nicely to your cardiologist. He may even drop a pill. Life feels a lot different when you put some hustle in your muscle.







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