hypoglycemia diet add sugar or not

Hypoglycemia diet – add sugar or not?

Hypoglycemia diet does not have to be complicated, but you must know its basic rules. These rules cannot be broken or hypoglycemia symptoms will never leave you.  

Two types of diet for hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a fancy medical name for low blood sugar. In medical jargon “hypo” means low and “glycemia” refers to blood glucose. Despite the fact that hypoglycemia always involves low blood sugar, hypoglycemia diet can be very different depending on the type of the problem .

You may have heard that there are two different ways to treat hypoglycemia symptoms:

This may be confusing especially if you learn that both of these approaches are absolutely correct. So which one is right for you? Which one should you choose?

Eating more sugar may be more appealing, but is this type of hypoglycemia diet right for you? I may disappoint you: the right choice of diet does not depend on your taste preference, but solely on your blood sugar behavior.

Sugar for diabetics

69 Pleasures kindle coverThis may be completely surprising to you to learn that eating sugar should be reserved only to diabetics. However, before you reach for that forbidden cookie let me explain what I mean.

Sugar should be left for diabetic emergencies only.

In non-diabetics hypoglycemic emergencies are rare . Low blood sugar may feel unpleasant, but it is seldom life threatening. In diabetics though, hypoglycemia symptoms may be severe and require emergency treatment. The danger is especially urgent in case of insulin overdose.

When emergency happens one has to break all healthy eating rules and reach for glucose. Although this is not a practice that should be encouraged as a daily habit, glucose may be the only way out of a sudden emergency.

Sugar celibacy for non-diabetics

Although cookie treatment may sound appealing, this is however not the right type of hypoglycemia diet for the majority. Sucrose is not healthy. It is frankly toxic to the liver and its ingestion causes variety of health problems.

Despite multitude of warnings an average American is currently consuming knowingly or unknowingly about 30-60 teaspoons of sugar a day. With such unhealthy diet we should not be surprised to see a raise in hypoglycemia symptoms and diabetic numbers.

Hypoglycemia stabilizing smoothies

Even if you are sweet-tempted you should know that controlling blood glucose is not difficult. I invite you to try some of my sugar stabilizing smoothies. Download the chart below to get these awesome recipes. Stick the chart on the fridge to have the recipes handy when you need them. Enjoy!


By now you should have cleared the dietary confusion in your head. Regardless of your cravings or taste preferences the rules of hypoglycemia diet are unbreakable: leave sugar only for true diabetic emergencies and at any other time – stay away from it.

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