hypoglycemia diet rule 3 of 5

hypoglycemia diet – grains – rule 3 of 5

When it comes to hypoglycemia diet you may have some questions. Which one should you follow for the betterment of your health: paleo, zone, south beach, atkins, or maybe some other diet?

Many benefits of the above diets are indisputable. They stabilize hypoglycemia symptoms, help diabetics lower the sugar, and achieve a substantial weight loss, but do you HAVE TO follow ANY of them to obtain the above results? Surprisingly, not at all.

Simple hypoglycemia diet rules

You can create your own dietary rules that can be simpler then the diets above without compromising the good health effects. Moreover,  the rules can provide a wider flexibility and greater freedom of menu choices than any of the mentioned diets.

Rule #1: Cut out flour, any flour. This may be the only change that is needed for better health. So, cut out flour, not even grains, just flour.

For a full list of quick hypoglycemia diet tips print our reference chart. Download and post it on your fridge door. Once on your fridge you can look it up any time you need.


Just that one change can boost your hypoglycemia diet benefits tremendously and make your hypoglycemia symptoms practically disappear overnight. It is exactly the removal of grains, especially flour products that makes these famous diets so successful.
Just think about it. Removing flour means you no longer will eat:

  • Bagels, bread, buns, crackers, pretzels, or any baked products
  • Pasta, noodles, pizza, calzone, ravioli,
  • Cookies, croissants, cakes, pastries, apple pies, and donuts
  • Batters, breadings, thickening sauces

So what to eat? For starters, try our smoothies:


69 Pleasures kindle coverThis also means you are no longer ordering cake with your coffee, hamburgers or pasta dishes. You no longer pack sandwiches for lunch and the sub restaurant down the street is also out of your reach.

No flour diet excludes you from all fast food restaurants. And that means you eat less junk!

For more hypoglycemia diet tips go to our links below:

Say no to dieting

Removing junk does not require any special dieting. Knowing that most junk food is flour-based is good enough.

You do not need to go on high protein, low fat diet or any other fad diet to achieve blood sugar victory, because it is flour, a cheap nutrient-devoid ingredient that is the biggest contributor to hypoglycemia symptoms.

Feel free to stack your shelves with paleo, south beach, atkins, and zone diet cookbooks. In every one of those you will find hundreds of flourless recipes that are well suited for hypoglycemia diet, so set yourself free and experiment!


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