I bet you did not know… last week’s gossip

Fall means lower temperatures. For us it also means a cold house. Due to the cost attached to heating we decided to “live” in the van instead. Heating a van costs us $20/month. Healing a house would mean about $400. No, thank you.


One of many van projects of 2019: a new bumper. It used to be a flag pole that was thrown away by the previous property owner. We dug it out of the bushes and put it proudly on our LUVe


One of few couple-selfies we made while in the gym. Nothing special, just two of us Uthing = taking care of our physiology.


Sunny days means solar panels and roof maintenance. So far, so good. No bird nests or bat caves as yet.


This will be my first vegetable in 9 months. I have tested a few fruits before, with not so good results, but this carrot has the privilege of getting ahead of other veggies. I will report on the results shortly.


Outdoor cooking. A much nicer option than indoor. Makes some people drool, lol.


After all that weight I lost, all the clothing hangs down like a potato sack. It’s time for new ones, but that means children aisles. I am now size 3… and where can you get that?