If you have bad genes, add these 5 health ingredients

If you have bad genes, add these 5 health ingredients

So, you think you have bad genes. Your mom had arthritis, dad got diabetes, and everyone seems to get high blood pressure

You may think that your genetic fate is inevitable, as your parents, siblings, and even the mailman (you need to factor in everyone) all have similar health problems.

But look around. Your neighbors and coworkers also have the same issues, yet they don’t share your genes. Could there be something else going on? 

Can the whole world share bad genes? 

It’s not just you and your bad luck. It seems that the whole world shares the fate of bad genes. These seem to multiply uncontrollably like genetically modified salmon in the river near you. 1 

Genetically modified salmon? Genetically modified human? 

But, of course! Genes aren’t fixed like the legs in your sturdy stool (a chair I mean, not the other thing). Genes transform. They kaleidoscope to adapt. To make you fit perfectly in the environment you live. If you truly had bad genes (genes that don’t change) you will look and behave like that predecessor of yours from half a million years ago, Neanderthal.2 

Fortunately (for most of us), we have genes that are fluid. Genes that change with ease when we eat, when we work, when we move, even when the weather changes. 4, 5 And why not?

We have about 25,000 protein-coding genes and about 3 billion DNA base pairs to choose from. 3

How to modify your bad genes

Think of your genes as if made of plasticine blocks that you continuously play with. You may squish it just so without giving it much thought, shape it randomly into whatever, or sculpt it into something wonderful. The end effect of your random or pre-planned play is you: the shape and form you see in the mirror. 

If you have bad genes, add these 5 health ingredients 2

If you have bad genes, add these 5 health ingredients 3Not happy? Then you need to improve your plasticine molding skills.

Gene molding is a skill not a pill

Gene molding does not have shortcuts. There are no pills or procedure that can suddenly change bad genes into good. There is nothing to buy, nothing to click on, and nothing to drive-through. 

Gene molding depends only on you, your knowledge, and your drive to change. Oh, yes there is one thing you will need. You’ll need the right tools!

You can’t sculpt your health without 5 Uthing Ingredients. (PS. Uthing stands for getting younger AKA modifying your genes back to healthy, strong, and beautiful). Because a lack of any one of the 5 Ingredients will render your efforts incomplete. 


We modified our genes with great results

Our genes were bad, really bad. As bad as a slice of pizza left forgotten on a park bench for three days. But we made it. We proved it was possible. We did it for ourselves and for you.

You can see how we do it. And if you wish to shape your genes (and your kids’ genes) into wonderful follow our footsteps (you will have fun at it too). 

Where do you start? Easy. Let’s align our thinking. Take the Uthing Test and see if you and us have the same mindset.. because great minds think alike..