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Immune system boosters in your kitchen

Did you know that the best immune system boosters are not stocked in local pharmacies or on-line health food stores, but right in your own kitchen?

You’ve heard about antioxidants. They are exceptionally effective as immune system boosters.

One of the examples is vitamin C. It is a strong antioxidant and one of the most widely recognized immunity boosters. It is so versatile that it is used to combat both insignificant immune nuisances like colds as well as aid in significant body defenses breakdowns such as cancers.

Fruits are good immune system boosters

You also heard that blueberries are high in antioxidants. So are apples, grapes, lemons, mangoes, avocados, and tomatoes. With so many choices in a grocery store which fruit would you pick to boost your body defenses  most effectively?

If you do not know feel relieved. It is not a guessing game anymore. Researchers haven’t been sleeping. Thousands of foods have already been tested and indexed according to their antioxidant content. So which one do you think is a better for the body:  white or green asparagus, white or red wine? Not sure? Click here: blueberries, noni,  or acai. You may never stack your fruit or vegetable basket in the same way again.

Below is a downloadable DrD High Antioxidant Foods Chart that is specifically designed to conveniently end up on your fridge door.


Spices are even better immune system boosters

If you eat home-cooked meals you will end up healthier and will age slower than when you eat out at any fast food restaurant. The main reason behind this phenomenon is not something you may have thought of. Although fast food tastes good fast food industry does not use real spices, but flavor enhancers and artificial flavors. These have no antioxidant value.

In contrast real spices are to antioxidants, as  Eldorado is to gold. Gram per gram natural spices beat blueberries, cherries, raspberries, or any other fruit for that matter in their antioxidant richness. For example, nutmeg, a popular kitchen spice, beats the proverbial apple that keeps doctor away by as much as 30 times.

The bigger the better

Numbers do matter in the world of antioxidants, because the biggest immune system boosters have the biggest ORAC numbers. Red delicious apple’s ORAC antioxidant number is about 2,500. Raspberries are indexed at about 5,000. No elaborate math skills are required to see that raspberries are richer in antioxidants than apples. Grapefruit scores 1,600 and almonds 4,500. Black raspberries are really outstanding immune system boosters at 20,000. Higher numbers are reserved only for… spices.

Check those spices out!

Whether you are trying to avoid flu or prevent cancer you need to stack up on spices. There are no richer antioxidant sources than these aromatic food enhancers. Yes, it is true that rosemary is great for arthritis, turmeric for inflammation, cinnamon for diabetes, and thyme for chest problems but you won’t find them in your cereal boxes or burger and fries combo.

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemDo not be disappointed but fast food, with its lack of real-spice policy, will never be a part of anybody’s immune strengthening strategy. If the black raspberry ORAC number impressed you then you will be ogling even more over these immune system boosters:

  • Cloves: ORAC 290,000; one ground teaspoon is at 6,600 equivalent of two cups of green tea
  • Oregano: ORAC 175,000, one teaspoon of dried herb is at 3,600 equivalent of 6 oz of red wine
  • Turmeric: ORAC 127,000, one ground teaspoon is at 3,500 equivalent of four cups of green beans
  • Cinnamon: ORAC 131,000; one ground teaspoon is at 7,000 equivalent of 10 cups of papaya

You do not have to be an internationally recognized chef to use these spices to your advantage. Cinnamon goes well with cappuccino and cloves go well with wine. You can steep dried oregano as tea, and add turmeric to your rice or veggies. Spice up your kitchen, because great flavors are your best immune system boosters. For a full reveal on how to boost the immune system read “Ousting Sniffles.


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