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Is minimalist lifestyle for you?

Minimalist lifestyle (despite what you may think) isn’t simple at all. As we tried to shrink our belongings and move from a house into a van we came across one big obstacle: a seriously reduced space to keep our sh…

That presented a little bit of an issue, because less stuff meant less comfort and for that you’d better not be a princess on a pea. 

Many people romanticize simple life, but reality isn’t that idyllic. You cannot just throw away your possessions and carry on as normal. Unless you put a great deal of thought into reorganizing your environment you won’t like it at all. 

To create a minimalist lifestyle (you adore) you will need to spend a great deal of time pondering your real needs, not just wants, or fancies, but actual needs like: 

Minimalist lifestyle isn’t about not having, but about having everything you need to experience the most freeing lifestyle setup. It’s about becoming a space- and need- conscious, not about joining a popular trend.

Are you ready for a minimalist lifestyle?

How would you know you are on the right track? Simple! Watch your shopping habits.

  • If you enter a random store and pick up a random item, because it is cute, or you like the color, minimalist lifestyle is not for you at all.
  • If you spend hours on-line researching your options, measuring available space five or six times in all directions, and consult with 50  other minimalists ahead of time, you may do just fine. 

Here is yesterday’s example. We needed to find a way to hang a sign on our step van. Pounding a nail into a side wall was an option, but that would be dumb (really dumb). So we took time to check out other possibilities. After three days of research (!) we decided that the simplest, the cheapest, and the most functional solution would be IKEA bathroom hooks.

Yep, minimalist lifestyle is that simple, yet that complicated!

And no, we did not buy the hat, or anything else.

Minimalist lifestyle

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