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Juicing for health Rules – part 1

So you are into juicing…. You heard it from your friends, TV hosts, and radio nutritionists.. it is good for you.

You want to be healthier, more vibrant and have glowing skin. That can be done, but unfortunately most people get the opposite effect with their juiced creations.

Don’t fall a victim of a popular trend. Be clear what you want. These questions will help you

a) You do it for health; But what if you discovered that the way you juice gets you away, rather than towards health? Would you still continue?

b) You do it to keep up with the latest health trends; what if the juicing trend stopped one day.Would you keep up your regular juicing habit?

c) You do it because it is easy. What if making a healthy serving would require you to wash, peel, and chop several pounds of produce. Would you still want to prepare it?

d) You do it because it is inexpensive; what if you discovered that a cup of healthy juice can quickly cost you $20 or more? Would you continue to include it to your daily routine?

e) Juices taste nice and sweet; what if your healthier juice tastes bitter and tart. Would you even want it?

Purpose of juicing

The purpose behind healthy juicing is to deliver an easily digestible concentrate of nutrients. This has nothing to do with juices providing you with a meal replacement, making you look trendy, relieving  you from actually cooking food, or giving you a substitute for that sugary snack that has “no sugar added” on the label.

Juicing has changed

But something happened with juicing in America. We kept on changing juicing recipes until we got what we wanted: convenience, sweet taste, and low cost.

Unfortunately healthy juicing includes none of these. Nearly the whole of contemporary North America thinks juicing is healthy, but the truth is that most people do not have the slightest idea what healthy juicing really is. How I know that? Because I work with people like you and practically everyone with the exception of very few used juicing to their detriment, rather than the promotion of their health.

Juicing can be healthy

Juicing can be healthy, if you do it right, but if you do it wrong juicing can make you tired, obese, and even diabetic. If you do not understand the right way of juicing you would be better off not getting into the practice at all.

Rules for healthy juicing are explained in the next part. Know them to prevent unhealthy surprises like big gut, hunger, and fatigue.

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