June Hiking Adventure

Welcome to a new type of health care when the doctor’s job is not only to prescribe pills, but also to take a patient for a walk!

There is no need to remind anybody about benefits of exercise. It is the movement that makes life. The more you move the more you live. So we did.

Uthing Adventures

Our June hike was part of UthingTM Adventures events. Events that inspire and teach people to develop lifestyle habits that promote young healthy bodies.

The news about the hike had gone out and we gathered a group of passionates that were willing to sustain a half-day body challenge in a pretty cold mid-June morning. No kidding. It was only 17 degrees C, eek!

Bolton woods

We departed at 9:30 from Ginkgo House and traveled north for about 30 min. After this short drive we parked the cars and got swallowed by Bolton woods. We were not in a rush and made 10 km in four hours, yet despite the speed we ended up burning extra 500 cal (about 6 tablespoons of butter coming off thighs). Knowing that we had a generous lunch at 2 pm to plump up the hips again. This is life, so we need to go on hikes again and again to keep that cellulite off.

Nature inspires imagination

We had fun getting to know each other and the easy pace facilitated that. Our June hike seemed to be truly enjoyed. Some loved the challenge of movement, some were excited about losing fat, some enjoyed lively conversations, and some of us just loved the sight and smell of nature. Here are Kamal’s words:

“The way traversed an interesting array of old fields, meadows, lowlands cedar groves and mature upland maple forests. I and Nadine initially became breathless but the beautiful expanse of purple and white flowers pumped up our spirits. At one point the scene was so beautiful that we had to stand and stare for some time. The river danced in curves from one side to the other, with the branches of tall trees kissing its smooth ripples. The thick grapevines tightly embraced the trees. Andi told us how people use these vines to drink water when they are lost in the forest”

Thanks Kamal for great words. Health, beauty and nature should go together. I guess this combo was just right at our June hiking adventure.

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