Killbear plus – Part 2

Waking up in a wet cold tent is not joint healthy. Stiffness was guaranteed. So it happened. “Can you tell why my neck is stiff” Andi asked.

It must be old age!

Being a doctor I felt obligated to give him a well-deserved diagnosis. “Is anything else stiff?” I asked. “No” sounded the reply. “Then it must be old age” I was quick to sum up my assessment.

It was raining when we decided to stick our heads out. Breakfast in water did not sound like the most delicious menu item, so we ventured out to check any suitable shelter. We found a nice picnic area and Andi set up his kitchen there. I plugged my computer to write some words of wisdom.

Breakfast without coffee? No way!

Andi finally admitted he is not perfect after all. He forgot to take the most important breakfast tool: espresso maker. If you do not know it yet, coffee is one of the healthiest beverages and has one of the highest antioxidant count. It beats orange juice by a factor of 20.

We had to have it especially on a gloomy day. Thus despite adversities we created a camping version of it. We sunk the grounds in a cup of hot water and then tested Bounty for its straining power. It worked. Does coffee and maple syrup go together? You bet…  especially in the absence of sugar cubes, which Andi forgot as well.

Fitness in the sand and the photos you will never see

The sun came out. The picnic area was right at a Killbear beach edge and due to previously unkind weather nobody was there yet. The sand was very foot friendly: no large pebbles, no human garbage, and no natural debris. We took out $4.99 white Frisbee disk from the car and engaged in an hour of fitness fun in the sand.

It got hot and changed to something more skimpy. We had fun trying camera in different modes, but much less reviewing the beach photos, many of which, I swear, will never see another light. According to a British survey close to 80% women are not happy with their bodies. This statistics seem to apply to myself as well and I vow to never reveal the photos here.

I am on a diet. Obviously!

“You want some jerkies?” Andi asked while munching on some strips. “No, I am going on a diet starting now.” In fact, I thought, I must burn extra calories right away or I will never rest in peace.

There was a nearby trail, which looked like a perfect solution for immediate reduction of body fat. We engaged. It was wet, muddy at times. We wore crocks, so we could waddle through cold water without fear of ruining the footwear. –

Gout and fun do not mix

An hour of wet feet and rock jumping felt very natural. On and off trail… we like getting lost. Being one-on-one with nature feels very liberating and exciting, but please do not attempt it if you are gout-prone.

Get your inflammation down, de-crystalize your feet and then you will be able to enjoy various feet-related activities. Why this comment? We saw some gout strugglers on the trail. It felt painful.

Hiking, a calorie bust

One trail was not enough. We drove to another one, which was supposed to be close to 4 km in length. This trail lead to a famous Killbear lookout point. We did not want to miss the view despite uninviting ground wetness. T

he flashback of my photos was also quite persuasive and even high probability of a massive mosquito attack on the trail did not deter us from advancing further. The view was very nice and we captured it from different angles.

Still aiming for a flat belly

It was already 4 pm and 5 hours since breakfast. I welcomed our low-carb dinner made of no-nitrate sausages bought directly from a farm and an organic cauliflower smeared in organic butter. This is our version of a satisfying flat belly meal. The results can be seen in the photos that MAY follow.

After dinner we drove to Starbucks in Perry Sound for a better  wi-fi access and maybe also to say hello to a civilized coffee with sugar inside. Ohh… sipping that warm black gold felt exceptionally good, so was posting my article straight from a coffee shop. Didn’t I say I love my job?

Till tomorrow.



This is where we ended up for breakfast. Picnic area to the left. Beach straight ahead
Coffee camping style. Live long Bounty!
Andi making breakfast: eggs and bacon. Hey, it is low carb!
My working area for this morning. Picnic bench next to a beach. Lovely!
Killbear Provincial Park log piles next to picnic area
In mid-air
My choice for fat burning
Killbear Uthing
Andi supercharges his hiking. He always does, especially in vicinity of an unsuspecting crowd
Great scenery, really!
Fooling around is our specialty
He made me do it as well, lol
Hugging a rock..

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