Killbear plus – Part 3

The morning was a bit drizzly. Unwillingly we emerged from the tent into moist forest air. We needed to pack up before the ugly dark cloud above us had a meltdown.

Today we were supposed to leave Killbear campgrounds and trade it off for a private site somewhere near Bracebridge.

Yesterday we had a great time using no-one-around picnic area next to a beach, so today we folded the tent, loaded the belongings, emptied the site and headed in the same picnic direction.

Watch out for long weekends!

It was around 10am when we approached the beach. Wow! There was a whole party going on there already. Despite a huge lot there was not a single parking spot left. Boat rentals on wheels, kids on the bicycles, moms cooking, dads kicking beach balls – all in full swing. How could we forget? It was the great opening of a long weekend!

We went back to our site, unpacked and made our healthy low carb, definitely not low fat, breakfast with Bounty-strained version of coffee. Then we left Killbear for good or at least for this season.

Fudged out before cruising

Andi did not mind stopping at the “fudge store” again. I asked for a small piece and a huge favor: peel the nutritional information off it. I do not want to know what this maple walnut fudge was made of neither how many calories it had. The only pertinent numerical information right at that moment was $3.75 at the cash counter.

We ate the whole sweetness by the time we reached our attraction: Queen Island Cruise. It was departing from Parry Sound at 1 pm. It was a three-hour boat ride circling Parry Island. Despite lack of sun it was still worth spending $43 per head. We took some nice, but sun-less pictures on the way.

Low carb in a burger joint, high carb at Oliver’s

Our Bracebridge campsite turned out to be a bit disappointing at first. Cramped dark spot without electricity was not what we asked for, but thanks to our persuasive powers we ended up moving our tent to a brighter spot within half an hour.

Satisfied we ventured into town to have a bite.  A burger place was nearby. We figured that a bison burger will be a tad healthier than a commercially raised beef equivalent. We figured out how to eat low-carb in a high-carb fast food places. We ask for one double patty burger with double add-ons on each side. This way each of us has a low-carb (half a bun) full burger version for also a slightly reduced price.

The only problem with the burger place was lack of wi-fi connection. For that we ended up at Oliver’s coffee shop. This is a Bracebridge equivalent of Starbucks, Coffee culture, or Timothy’s. Let’s say, besides aromatic coffee they also had good-tasting ginger cookies. Oops, here go my bikini pictures again!



Maple walnut fudge for our boring ride to Parry Sound
Fudge kaleidoscope
It was relatively cold for a July ride
Charming views from Queen Island windows
One of the uninhabited islands
One of the inhabited islands
DrD during Queen Island ride: multi tasking as usual: eating, article writing, and sightseeing.

Cambing Uthing
Steamed cauliflower. Healthy meals are possible on the go.

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