Killbear plus – Part 5

I like animals. Animals are great health promoters. They lower stress and can also help improve athleticism of the owner. That holds true for most animals except male dogs that stop every three steps for a sniff or something else.

What’s your animal?

Finding a physical activity that involves animals is not difficult. Running amok from a field mouse can prove to be a great cardio and rescuing your beloved cat that climbed a tall tree may help you forget about your arthritic knees, at least temporarily. But all jokes aside, we booked a two hour horseback trail ride, which I was awaiting with excitement especially that I did not know what to expect.

Mantracker at Maynooth

We arrived at a stable located north of Maynooth (Ontario, south of Algonquin Park). The horses were already saddled. Terry, our guide, a talkative guy looked a little bit like a “Mantracker”.

He turned out to be caring, passionate, kind to animals, and environmentally sensitive. We expected lots of insect on the trails, but to our surprise, despite dense woods we were not attacked by these seasonally flying objects. They apparently preferred horse blood and for that reason we had to stop on occasion to rescue the animals from the bites.

We rode to a tranquil lake, which you can see on the photo. Overall it was a very nice and relaxing experience. No athleticism was required except lifting a leg to get on the saddle. Wish you were there.

PUFA haunts the town

We are a little bit on a wild side (that`s what good health does to you) and a slow trot was not enough. To get some speed we traded two horses for one ATV. Terry let us out for a short lunch, which turned out to be a pro-diabetic experience.

The only place that was open in Maynooth was a chip truck. Hamburger wasn’t bad, but the fries tasted as if they were cooked in vegetable or corn oil. You may know that these oils are exceptionally ill-health promoting and studies show they can ruin your health whether you are a diabetic, have joint problems or just have an ongoing battle with weight.

Buttercups at the coffee shop next door were also made with PUFA oil. To “make them healthier” instead of media-cursed butter the owner made these buttercups with Crisco shortening, OMG!!! Did you know that shortening stands for “shortening your life”? I guess she did not know.

Stick to real food

Sticking to real food, like butter from a pasture-fed cow is one of our food rules that have lead us to exceptional vitality and health. We use only butter, lard, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Health is not a coincidence. Do what we do and you will have what we have.

ATV rides were awesome. This was my first time and hopefully not the last one. There was quite a bit of shaking involved due to road roughness. Speeding on bumpy surfaces is fun and can have unexpected health benefits. Passing a stone while chasing wild wind may turn out to be more fun than the old fashioned flushing kidneys with beer.

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Every day a different campground
Pink is not really my color, but that was the only fit
Horses were already saddled for the ride
A short stop to chat
Ontario has some great lakes
Our horses were not thrilled with an idea of a swim
A shot from the passenger seat
Some trails were more like wet pipes
Through the streams
Horseback ATV Uthing
We made it!
Carrots for tonight?
Our potential supplier of beer and wi-fi for tonight

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