Killbear plus – Part 6

Even a long weekend is too short. Today is the last day of our mini-vacation that was packed with adventures.

Last night we stayed at Warsaw Caves campground with tons of trees and privacy around. Setting a tent next to a bright public bathroom has its advantages in an otherwise no-electricity camp land.

Seven Caves

There were seven caves to explore at Warsaw Caves conservation area. They were well marked and easy to find. Some had very narrow entrances and they were not designed for easy maneuvering. Yes, you could have gotten stuck there especially that it was pitch black. I would expect to find some skeletons of stranded people inside, but no, somehow everybody managed to escape the darkness, or maybe… they never went in.

Experiences enrich

Kids had a blast in the caves. Fathers followed, but unfortunately there were not many women around. Either the dark dungeons were not appealing to our female side, or we just are not good at jumping rocks, squeezing between stones and advancing in tight spaces. Too bad. The more you experience the richer your life is, so go if you can and wherever you can.

Caving proved to be an exhilarating experience for both of us. We have never been in any real caves before, so we kept on chatting about the “snakes” and “skeletons” while our feet were already pointing towards a new adventure: a lookout point hidden somewhere a few kilometers inside the woods surrounding the caves.

Look out! Mosquitoes!

The lookout point wasn’t marked at all and we passed it by hoping for even a better view from a tourist-friendly well-marked platform, something we were accustomed to. We continued another two kilometers into a mosquito land, but we were unsuccessful to find anything close to it. We turned back after about 4 kilometers having been thoroughly marked by now very familiar to us flying objects.

Going back home

It was already 1 pm. We were running out of time for a successful arrival in Etobicoke (west side of Toronto) before rush hour. With home-made jerkies in our hands we skipped “proper lunch” and headed towards home.  We are only hoping that the slight sun-tan, which we managed to get despite uncooperative weather, will last till our next planned “water and heights” adventure.

Health side you may not know

You are probably wondering why we do all this. Health is not just an absence of pain or a disease. Health is reflected in vitality, functionality and adaptability of the body.

Health is not a coincidence. It is an end effect of daily efforts and daily decisions. Health is very rewarding. It can bring rich and fulfilling experiences for the individual and happiness to his family. Healthy individuals are productive and are not a burden to anyone. Neither they drain family or national finances.

Healthy lifestyle is an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Did you know that our biggest environmental hazard today is not global warming or ozone depletion, but pharmaceutically/chemically polluted water and land that come from sick individuals, unsustainable agricultural and farm practices, and drug and chemical disposal? So if you care for yourself, your family, your country, and your environment your priority should be health.

We live what we preach and we hope to inspire you to do the same.

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Setting up camp at Warsaw Caves
His caving experience
warsaw caves Uthing
My caving experience
We experience things differently. This is what I do at a pond
This is what he does at a pond (yep, always hyperactive)
Girls, remember I said “tight spaces”?
Absolutely gorgeous unmarked lookout point

No place to exercise?
You can do SO much with a simple (non-gym) bench

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