Killbear to Caves – 5-day itinerary

This can be five best days you’ve ever had. All you need to do is copy our active adventures from Killbear to Warsaw Caves.

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Our 5-day ITINERARY (100% Ontario, Canada):

Day 1: Killbear Provincial Park: hiking, beach frisbiee, wildlife viewing, fudge tasting

Day 2: Parry Sound Queen Island Boat ride

Day 3: The Tree Museum running, Eagle Lake reminiscing

Day 4: Maynooth: Horseback trail ride, ATV speeding

Day 5: Warsaw Caves crawling


Killbear Provincial Park; Our rating: ****

$48.31 (incl tax) per night for a site with electrical hookup, no water

They were very well organized and relatively clean. The staff was patrolling the campground frequently. There was no broken faucets, clogged up toilets, or trash around. Very spacious and private sites. Will go again.

Muskoka Ridge Trailer Park (Bracebridge); Our rating: *

$50.85 (incl tax) per night for a site that was supposed to have electricity, but it turned out to have only a cut off cable. The camp site was very small, not well leveled and had privacy issues. Sites were very close to each other, little trees in between offering little privacy. The main office would benefit from a face lift. Bathroom area had those annoying taps you have to hold open to get water out. Bathroom and showers could be more private. Despite the owner trying her best to accommodate us I do not think I will choose this camp site again.

Bancroft Campground; Our rating: ***

$29.38 (tax incl.) per night. $5 for internet access. We also needed to buy an adapter to make use of a trailer hookup for our regular extension cord. Water was at the site. The only washroom available was at a main office. Upon arrival we got choices of different camp sites, most of which turn out to be unavailable due to occupants.

Warsaw Caves; Our rating: **

$38.00 (tax incl.) per night. Reservation was difficult. First no one responded to an e-mail. Then no one picked up the phone. Then when the reservation was done over the phone there was no confirmation of any kind as to reservation. When we arrived at 7pm the welcome office was closed. We set up a tent “somewhere” as without a camp map we did not know what red, white, or orange arrows meant. A fellow neighboring camper admitted that had bad experience himself with staff having unfriendly attitude and inconsistent information.

The sites themselves were very nice: spacious and private with tons of trees around. Unfortunately no site had any electrical outlet access. We were cut off from the world in darkness, because neither GPS nor G3 could find us.


Attractions for the specific LEVEL OF HEALTH:


Where: Killbear Provincial Park beach front

Health Level: Level D and above

Level B will have the best blast. The activity requires full range of motion of all joints and some cardio health. Expect major body jiggling if you are overweight.

Killbear UthingHIKING:

Where: Killbear – Twin Point Hike

Health Level: Level C and above

Will have to be able to jump rocks and walk on steep surfaces

Where: Lookout point at Warsaw Caves

Health Level: Level C and above

Must be able to walk on uneven surfaces, up and downhill for several kilometers

Where: Tree Museum:

Health Level: Level C and above

Do not go if you are prone to anemia. The number of blood-sucking bugs there is incredible.


Where: Sir Sam’s Inn, Eagle Lake

Health Level: Level D and above

Arthritic knees will not like it due to wind and moisture. Shoulder problems may flair up from paddling

Our horses were not thrilled with an idea of a swim


Where: Maynooth

Health Level: Level D and above

Bum soreness may occur; may be challenging for testicular problems and arthritic hands


Where: Maynooth

Health Level: Level D and above

Not good for kidney or gallbladder stones due to major shaking. Bad for arthritic knees that dislike cold wind.

Charming views from Queen Island windows


Where: Parry Sound

Health Level: Level E and above

If you can sit for 3 hours you will be good

warsaw caves Uthing
My caving experience


Where: Warsaw Caves

Health Level: Level C and above

Crawling in narrow spaces is not appropriate for overweight and those with flexibility issues.

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