Last week in photos, because you’re into gossip

Today’s lunch was plant-heavy: mustard (from Costco) and parsley tops from our own backyard. Must say… tasted better than yesterday’s! (PS. those pale yellow blobs is un-melted butter (organic). They are there to get our brains going.


Full excitement after the new (home-made) window screens got installed. PS. If you are wondering… these aren’t meant as shades for driving.


Project #873 or something like that: window shades. We got this boring beige sunbrella fabric on scrap yard sale (40% off). No worries. When we paint our LUVe green, that dull beige will look like a perfect match.


Our typical grocery cart: bunch of meat (usually on sale), 6% fat yogurt (plain), and a few cartons of eggs. Plus minus some plants for variety, this week’s catch – purple grapes

Did I say I need physio? No kidding. Long hours on a computer can make you turn into a hunchback from Notre Dame. But a few good pull-ups can undo the curse. Here un-cursing in 30 seconds.