LiveUthing photo gossip 1

Last week’s gossip in pictures

Photos, our time snapshots. Because sometimes you just want to get some photo gossip. 

LiveUthing photo gossip 2
Discussing LiveUthing plans between coffee sips at Coffee Culture Alliston. A rare moment, as we seldom go out.


LiveUthing photo gossip 3
One of many long lists of screws to get at Pacific Fasteners in Toronto. It accidentally got left behind (that Andi’s head). Thank God for technology; snapshot and send!


LiveUthing photo gossip 4
Updating social media is a job and a half. It gets done faster with better internet. We enjoyed 5MB data transfer at that Coffee Culture location.


LiveUthing photo gossip 3
Andi gets perfectly positioned for our first podcast. Yep, we got the footage. Now the edits. It will take a few days.


LiveUthing photo gossip 5
Suntanning and coffee are our Uthing rituals. That’s how we keep our health in tip top shape. I bet you can’t wait for our health course on how to have your cake and eat it too. We do!
How much do you know about Health?