A piece of gossip before we go

We love meeting great people! We love the stimulating conversations, and the juicy steaks that come with them, lol. Here is one of our meetings from last week. If you are on our path and want to chat with us, hit us up. We love yakking!


It must have been all those sugar videos I made recently. Are you a sugar addict? and 4 Myths you still believe in must have gotten into my head. In a rare moment of weakness, I gave in into a rather large chocolate bar. Looking back… I don’t regret, lol.


A final cut. I love my zero-maintenance hair. Thanks to Sandy, my hair is completely (or near-completely) care free. It only requires some minor thinning ever month or two. This time however, I am in for a semi-shave off. We are leaving and my hair is going to stay in stylist-hibernation mode for a few months.


Celsius temperatures in Ontario on 1st-7th of November. All seasonal and normal, so why even mention. Because we are about to test our van heater on the road. If it fails, we are all going to cry like colicky babies.


Here is our November itinerary. We are looking for some warmer weather, although this may not be so obvious by looking at the map, lol. We just heard that Vancouver is warmer than Toronto in December. We will report accordingly after the arrival. In the meantime, we need to figure out how to make fun videos from the road.


This is where we are today