Happy healthy women bolton meetup

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Yesterday I went to a coffee shop… with other girls. I like changing it up once in a while. Not that it was a swingers party, but more like a “good girls” meetup.

Every month or so our group AKA Happy Healthy Women get together for one purpose: to discuss what matters. It seems like every one of us is on a journey towards better health. Great! We fit together like red wine in a goblet glass or espresso in a 2 oz cup. Mine is 6 oz, by the way. I think everyone has noticed that already. 

Anyhow, good health was on my mind for a few decades already. It was confusing at first. What is it? Lack of diagnosis? Lack of pain? Lack of function? Also, how do I know that I am in good health and who is it to announce it to me? My doctor? My family? Myself? 

Years passed as I was crunching through the dilemma. I wanted to get healthier, but there was no way to measure my progress (except waiting for an MD to tell me decades later that I am f….ed despite my efforts). 

I am not a fan of wishful thinking. I am not a fan of useless efforts. I like extraordinary results that come in half the time. I bet you like that too, because why not. Life can be a wonderful experience if your path is set in the right direction. 

Now back to you. Are you on a journey towards better health? If yes, 

Food for Thought
  1. how do you know that your efforts actually make you (the entire you) healthier, not just slimmer, more comfortable, or less painful?
  2. how do you know that what you are doing is good for your entire body, not just for one aspect of it, like melting fat, or making eczema less visible?
  3. how do you know at what point you should alter your efforts because you reached optimal health, or because your health declined?

Do you have enough courage to know? Then get yourself checked.. here, today, on-line.