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Low Blood Pressure Symptoms that come from food allergies

Can food cause low blood pressure symptoms? The surprising answer is yes.

But, what would that be? A carrot, an onion, or that deliciously-looking pecan nut?

Don’t try to google “foods that cause low blood pressure symptoms“. You won’t get many answers. Why? Because there isn’t just one food universally known for such property. Foods that can produce low blood pressure symptoms are different for everyone. Thus, putting a blame on a potato or asparagus for a nation-wide wooziness is not the way to go.

Allergies and food sensitivities can cause low blood pressure symptoms

Food allergies can cause histamine reaction which can cause anaphylaxis, and this in turn can cause a shock, a sudden drop in blood pressure.

But one does not have to have severe allergic reactions to experience low blood pressure symptoms. Less dramatic than allergy, food sensitivity can also produces symptoms to a smaller degree.


Have you eaten a food only to notice that it “disagrees” with you? Not that you get food poisoning, but rather some weird symptoms like brain fog, weakness, loss of concentration, and overall feeling of uneasiness? I am sure you have. But did you measure your blood pressure at that time? Likely not.

Low blood pressure symptoms happen frequently, but since not everyone carries a blood pressure monitor to a restaurant, not everybody is aware of their low numbers. Low blood pressure does not hurt, but when it comes to long-term effects, it can be worse than hypertension.

Low blood pressure symptoms you likely missed

Low blood pressure causes chameleon-like symptoms, one day pretending to be dehydration only to manifest as PMS another day. You may think you have recurrent virus, or vision problems only to discover years later that all that multi-disease process was due to fluctuating blood pressure or hypotension.

Save yourself some time. Check those symptoms ahead of time. Here are commonly overlooked areas:

How to know when low blood pressure symptoms are due to food allergy

Detecting the cause of hypotension in case of severe food allergy is rather straight-forward.1 Look for dramatic, but short-lived drop in blood pressure that may last a few hours at most. When you don’t have a monitor at hand pay attention to accompanying weakness, dizziness, light-headedness, and well as concomitant body swelling. They will be rather easy to spot.

Although severe reactions to food aren’t usually missed, smaller ones are frequently ignored. Let’s see… Do you have chronic skin itch, mild water retention, or stubborn weight problem? These may be due to foods you are sensitive to.

Food sensitivities and other symptoms

When you have food sensitivity and you eat small amounts of that food frequently, you will likely be plagued by various chronic symptoms that your doctor either can’t figure out, or tries to attribute to other conditions.

Low blood pressure symptoms treatment causesDo you have headaches, hand and leg puffiness, bloated stomach, rapid weight gain or weight fluctuations? Do you have heartburn, hiccups, anxiety, or insulin resistance? These are all common food allergy symptoms.

Get yourself tested or keep a log of your menu. Foods that you love or eat daily should be your biggest suspects. Be especially vigilant with processed foods. They can contain a wide range of ingredients you may not even be aware of.

Food sensitivities is just one example of hidden causes behind low blood pressure. For more eye-opening discoveries consult Revived! a great source of information on causes and natural solutions.

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