low immune system causes

Low immune system causes

“Oh, another bout of cold or flu! Why do I have such a  low immune system” you think. “What can I do to stop being sick? I am really fed up of this.”

Don’t look for hi-tech tests to confirm your low immunity. There are none, but know that body abounds with early warning signs of immune weakness. 7 overlooked low immune symptoms

Victim of cold

In the early years of my clinical practice I had a lot of patients with low immune system. I probably kept attracting them, because I myself was one of the victims of low immunity getting sick every time my system encountered a draft or cold. I was experiencing recurrent colds and sore throats.

I knew very well what it meant not to be well. During that time I became an expert on overflowing the garbage basket with wet tissue, and stuffing my night table with variety of cold and flu medicines. I knew that sweating all night helps, so does Vicks, aspirin, lemon, honey, cloves, and wine. I knew how to take care of myself WHILE sick, but what I did not know is how NOT to get sick. This did not really sit well with me later as a doctor, so I went searching for answers.

Shopping therapy for low immune system

Foods that boost immune system

One thing I learned very well is how to manipulate my internal temperature by using foods. This way I could reduce fever with one food and stay away from chill with another. Using foods that alter body temperature was a neat trick I started to use daily. Below is a chart with these foods. Print it and stick in on your fridge. The guide can help you overcome cold hands and feet and even prevent frequent colds.



What causes low immune system

I always thought that getting frequent infections is a sign of low immune system. It puzzled me for a while to find that people with “low immune system” syndrome, at least according to their blood tests, actually don’t have low immunity. It turns out that there are other reasons why people experience frequent colds.

Can low immune system be tested?

The immune system is guarded by white blood cells which are widely spread throughout the body. They are our very own army, which is activated when a bacteria or a virus enters the body. I know from medical studies that in cases of low immune system white blood cells are low. So I kept testing my “low immune system” patients to find a pattern.

To my surprise people with frequent colds and flus did not have low white blood cells. Contrary to what I expected their levels were never low, but always normal. That puzzled me a while because it meant that these people with frequent flus and colds did not actually have low immunity as per the medical definition. So why they did get frequent infections?

Is Fever a sign of low immune system?

I took few years before I fully understood immunity and the immune system. I realized that getting symptoms such as fever, pain, and runny nose is actually a desirable immune reaction. These are the signs that the immune system has mounted a fight against an invader. These are the ways the body destroys and removes viruses and bacteria.

Fever improves circulation of lymph and blood and therefore increases the likelihood of a virus or bacteria encountering white blood cells. Pain is the end effect of inflammation or in other words, immune system activation. The increased mucus production helps in removing both the living and already destroyed germs. The stronger the reaction, the stronger the fight, the stronger the immune system.

Do you have strong or weak immune system?

We can frequently observe a strong immune reaction in kids, as they mount a very high fever. Their illness is intense, but short-lived, because their bodies are very efficient in destroying microbes.

Low-grade fever and lingering post-infection symptoms, on the other hand, are frequently seen in adults. Low and insufficient fever is a typical reaction of a still working, but much weaker immune system. Watch what symptoms you get when sick. These symptoms can tell you if your immune system is strong or not.

How to make immune system stronger?

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemNow you know that fever, runny nose or malaise is just a way the immune system works and you should encourage a strong immune reaction. Although it will make you feel better, lowering fever, taking anti-inflammatories or stopping mucus production, is counterproductive.

So, if fever, mucus, cough, and malaise indicate a good immune reaction then what’s not right about getting frequent colds and flus? Symptoms of flu or cold can come only AFTER you get infected with a virus or bacteria, never before. Getting symptoms means that the microbe, or rather a large number of microbes, have found a way how to enter into your body.

The body will not activate the immune system without a reason, so if you get frequent colds and flus somewhere in your system there is a big open door through which the can parade in. How to close the door? That is a topic for a different post. In the meantime you can learn how to boost immune system with foods. If you want to know inside-out of building a strong immune system, grab a great read “Ousting Sniffles



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