LUVe UthingLUVe, our mobile home, office, and other..

One day we decided to swap our two-story house for a twenty two feet long stepvan. We love simplicity and neither we needed a large house nor wanted any expenses associated with it. And these were huge.

When we added up property taxes, water, electricity, garbage, insurance, repairs, and regular maintenance we were for a shock. I did not help that I don’t like gardening and Andi does not like perpetual renovations.

Closing of our home clinic was risky. It was the only source of income we had and we were not even close to a retirement age. Yet, we were in agreement. It was time to let go of our routine, live adventurously, and in harmony with nature. Our cosy city life was financially rewarding, but it did not fit in our live philosophy.

We got an old stepvan with an idea of converting it into a travel vehicle. Why and how we did it is the subject of the posts listed below.