marijuana vs alcohol

Marijuana: the wonder cure for cancer?

Is marijuana the wonder cure for cancer or another excuse to get high?

Recently there has been much hype around the “wonderful” health benefits of marijuana. I came a pictograph posted on Facebook that compared it to alcohol and suggested that alcohol, a legal substance is largely health damaging, yet marijuana, an illegal substance only has health benefits. Not quite.

Alcohol, moderation and health

Naturally fermented alcohol enjoyed in moderation is extremely health promoting. It’s a great source of nutrients and probiotics. Please consider that anything in excess is a hazard to your health even clean fresh water.

Paucity (the opposite of excess) on the other hand, of even potent toxins may have no effect or be positively stimulating. This concept is known as medical hormesis.

Marijuana, propaganda and psychological need

The pictograph is really just propaganda from pot heads. I would like to see the study showing that marijuana grows brain cells. What utter nonsense! It’s a psychoactive drug.

Ask yourself why someone would even have the need for a stimulant, hallucinogen or depressant? That already points towards compromised health. Non-addictive? By what criteria? I would strongly beg to differ. Even sugar has been found to be extremely addictive!

Cure for cancer? Not always!

Let’s put aside the fact that marijuana advocate and musician extraordinaire “Bob Marley” died of cancer despite a considerable use. What actually caused cancer in his case? It certainly wasn’t a deficiency of pot. The cure for any modern chronic disease lies in removing its cause and it always requires changes to lifestyle habits.

All pharmaceutical or alternative lotions and potions, radiation and/or surgery only treat symptoms and conditions AFTER the fact. How will any of those treatments protect you from a relapse once you have allegedly been “cured”? If your poor lifestyle habits got you sick in the first place, won’t resuming your poor lifestyle habits get you to that same place again?

First check lifestyle habits, use meds after

Modern chronic diseases do not show up at random. They are not bad luck in the genetic lottery. They are a result of incremental accumulation of poor lifestyle habits compounded by time. Bad habits change the milieu (body environment) and make it suitable for disease to proliferate.

Isn’t it foolish and wasteful to wait until you are sick? Why wait till your poor habits are so deeply rooted that even the slightest change is difficult to adjust too? Can you truly call your next of kin “loved ones” if you are willing to burden them with the end results of your poor health?

Whether you use Marijuana or not please understand that it can never be a cure for disease-promoting lifestyle habits. Marijuana will at best be another band aid solution for someone to capitalize on your ill health. In the cause lies the cure and that will always require a change to lifestyle habits.


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