Meet us at RTR 2020

Meet Us at RTR 2020

We are going on our first official LiveUthing tour. This is your chance to meet us and ask us questions on health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, aging, and even vanlife. If you…

  • don’t know how to get your last 10 pounds off,
  • feel panicked about cholesterol,
  • keep on getting sick,
  • feel confused whether plant-based diet, carnivore or keto is better,
  • whether you can beat T2 diabetes without explaining yourself to the doctor, and
  • how to get that spiked blood pressure down, just ask us.

We have years of clinical experience and will be glad to share it with you.

To hook up with us, message us Instagram or find us at RTR 2020.

In the meantime here are your 19 prerequisites to good health. Get them right!