Yes, you can boondock in Mexico with us!

Here is your chance! If you’ve dreamt about going to Mexico, but hesitated going alone into the unknown, maybe this is something you are looking for.

In winters we head to San Carlos, Sonora (about 4.5 hours south of Nogales). We usually stay there for a month or two. During that time we can accommodate several vans/vehicles on our private boondocking spot.

Boondocking 101

You can join us going down there (we can form a caravan), or you can join us later.  We are located inside a gated community so entry is restricted to guests only. You can stay a day, a week, or a month as long we are there. Fee is $5 a day per vehicle. We welcome well-behaving guests, so no drugs or rowdiness.

Our property is located 30 min walking distance or 2 min drive from an incredible beach. There is plenty of sunshine so if you run on solar, you are going to be charged in no time. However, you must have a self-contained vehicle. This is an undeveloped desert area. Expect wildlife, shortage of shade, and lack of any facilities.

On the good note the nearby town has two grocery stores, a few gas stations, cozy coffee shops, and plenty of places to eat. You can also buy drinking water there as well.

Going with us to Mexico – practical info:

  • PASSPORT: Yes, you need a valid one to present at the border
  • VISA: Yes, you need a visa equivalent (tourist permit = Forma Migratoria Multiple = FMM); you can get it at the border
  • VEHICLE PERMIT: No, you don’t need it if you go only to our place. We are in the “Sonoran free zone”, where vehicle permit (TIP = temporary import permit) is not required. If you want to go further, you need TIP, which you have to obtain at Banjercito (located at the border zone)
  • CAR INSURANCE: Yes, you need one valid for Mexico. US or Canadian insurance isn’t valid. You can get Mexican insurance online at
  • VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Yes, you need a valid one with you. You need an original.
  • DON’T CROSS WITH: weapons, illegal drugs, fruits, vegetables, meats, products made of endangered species;
  • CREDIT CARDS: For security, and to save $ we don’t use CC in Mexico, cash (pesos) only
  • PESOS: Get pesos before crossing the border. You will need them to pay for FMM at the border and likely gas before you get to a bank. Local bank exchanges may not be favorable.
  • DIESEL: Expect difficult access to low sulfur diesel
  • GAS: Expensive; about $1.10 per liter (close to $4 per gallon); 20 pesos = approx 1 US dollar
  • DUMP STATIONS: Never needed them thus we can’t advise, however we’ve seen many RV in San Carlos, so it’s just a matter of figuring things out; as a precaution, empty your stuff before crossing
  • GROCERIES: Due to proximity to USA, you won’t save much on groceries; budget accordingly; The nearby town has two supermarkets with basic veggies, meats, etc.; Chocolate and coco powder, butter, cream, coffee, tea, paper towels, supplements, nuts, dry spices, maple syrup, mustard, coconut milk, are either of poor quality or expensive; we take these with us.
  • ANIMALS: Yes, plenty: grazing cows (we are on an old ranch), domesticated horses, nagging flies, huge-ear jack rabbits, scavenging vultures, and scorpions under rocks (rock picking isn’t the best activity), etc; we heard of, but never seen snakes, or tarantulas
  • ACTIVITIES: Our place is 30 min walk from white sand beach; 5 min drive from pebble beach, and 5 min drive from a small town (that caters to US tourists); things to do: sightseeing, hiking Tetakawi (it’s steep), boat tours (organized groups to see sea lions, turtles, dolphins, etc), kayaking (rental), snorkelling/diving (equipment rental, or take a certification course), fishing expeditions; horseback riding (desert and beach), ATV, golf, or just plain yakking with us; PS. there is also a well-rated dolphinarium 20 min away.
  • BLOOD WORK: If you are looking for more private or cheaper blood work, there are a few labs in the area. We can even help you choose your blood work panel.

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