Fostering Real Food Attitude

Uthing ProPortions Blueprint – Level D is made up of two parts: D1 and D2.

D1 is about mental preparation and nutrition basics. After completing all eight D1 lessons (or all eight MicroModules) you will be well on your way to remove the most common nutritional causes of stubborn weight gain and chronic inflammation.



Below is a breakdown of the D1 topics.

Day 1 (or MicroModule D1)– MOTIVATION

  • How you can set an automatic pilot for anything
  • The secret of the most successful 3%
  • Why do you do things? That’s why!
  • Specificity, the key ingredients in success
  • How to achieve goal clarity
  • How to use mental mimicry for motivation
  • Trick yourself into persistence
  • Uncover your deepest dreams
  • The key steps to mold your dream into a reality
  • Let’s make some mess!

Day 2 (or MicroModule D2)– WHAT’S HEALTH

  • Why feeling good has nothing to do with being healthy
  • What prescription meds and junk food have in common
  • Can you be symptom-free yet unhealthy?
  • Diagnosis, when good health turns bad
  • Why a doctor can’t tell your health
  • Why normal value lab tests can’t confirm good health
  • 5 levels of health revealed
  • Deciphering different health personalities
  • How to get your Uthing Scores and print your Uthing Score Card
  • What it means to get an “A” in health

Day 3 (or MicroModule D3)– GENES+

  • The biggest revelation about genes
  • How to switch the bad genes off
  • If you are a parent, you have a big responsibility
  • How to do good deeds that last
  • The magic of epigenetic
  • Does today’s donut make a difference tomorrow?
  • How to turn mouthfuls into positive DNA coders
  • You can’t see it or smell it, but your cells can sense it
  • How to ensure youthful aging
  • Two types of aging and the one you want
  • How long does it take to reverse bad health?

Day 4 (or MicroModule D4)– CRAVINGS

  • What are your chances of being a sugar addict?
  • How to tell whether you have addictions or cravings
  • How to stop cravings in their tracks
  • How to repurpose food cues
  • Re-train yourself with a distraction technique
  • Types of distractions that work
  • Why you shouldn’t avoid stress
  • Why hot dogs are innocent
  • Breaking down vicious sugar-stress cycle
  • Two problems with sugar, one you know
  • Striking off hypoglycemia
  • How to play hide and seek with sugar
  • 5 steps to shopping perfection
  • How to cake-proof your coffee outings
  • How to overcome wedding binges
  • 5-min technique to combat cravings
  • The right and the wrong way to do self-care
  • Why we use sugar every day, yes we do!

Day 5 (or MicroModule D5)– EDIBLES

  • The one unbendable rule for thriving
  • Edibles, the common nightmare ingredients
  • Why you eat edibles by the bucket without knowing it
  • How to spot edibles before they end up inside you
  • 6 quality foods that disappoint
  • Nutrient deficiencies, the starting point for chronic misery
  • Why you can’t detect nutritional deficiencies
  • How not to get stuck with stubborn weight or health condition
  • 5 common deficiency patterns
  • Why medical doctors don’t prescribe foods or supplements
  • Nutrients you can test
  • Nutrient deficiencies that go together
  • 4 most nasty edibles present nearly everywhere
  • What’s going on with FDA?
  • Take outs and their secret ingredients

Day 6 (or MicroModule D6)– WEIGHT LOSS

  • Why “healthy at any size” does not work
  • Trouble areas for overweight
  • 9 Mental issues aggravated by obesity
  • Three most important BMI numbers to remember
  • Why you mustn’t aim to be skinny
  • The worst of skinny diets revealed
  • Where does diabetes T2 start?
  • Muscles, your precious multi-function organ
  • How to get an athletic body without chaining self to a gym
  • Should you eat fat to improve health?
  • Does sugar cause obesity?
  • The underlying causes for stubborn weight gain
  • Why you must run away from low fat proponents
  • Forget about detox, for now..

Day 7 (or MicroModule D7)– MACROS

  • How to spot nutrient-worthy foods
  • How to divide your plate for an effortless weight loss
  • One protein type for an ideal weight loss
  • What to do when you eat carbs and want to lose weight
  • 2 macronutrients you need to guard
  • An ideal food combination for healthy weight loss
  • Do you need to eat grains for health?
  • How many meals per day?
  • Three levels of hunger
  • “Healthy” fats that sabotage weight loss
  • Meal timing rules
  • Meal plan blueprint with variants

Day 8 (or MicroModule D8)– 69 PLEASURES

  • 3 unbendable rules for weight loss
  • The must-have Uthing meal plan components
  • Start with the winning attitude
  • What to do with cheat days
  • The magic of two months
  • Proofing the gut against chronic diseases
  • How to set up the perfect gut menu
  • The one thing you should never eat
  • Food choices for the planet
  • Enjoy 69 Pleasures