montly symptoms of low blood sugar in women

Monthly symptoms of low blood sugar in women

Women by virtue of their design have slightly different low blood sugar symptoms then men. These can especially be noticed about one week a month, when a graceful butterflies transform into fire breathing dragons with an uncanny ability to chew anyone’s head off.

Are hormones to be blamed?

Women’s erratic behavior earned a bad reputation among males. Monthly hormonal fluctuations are the source of perpetuating frustration for many couples. Due to hormonal differences men frequently complain that it is just impossible to understand women. Especially confusing is the time when a woman uses the three dreaded words during man’s flirtatious attempts: “PMS”, “headache”, and “no”.

What are low blood sugar symptoms in women?

It is tempting to blame it all on estrogen, but the cause of this monthly tension may be found somewhere else entirely … in low blood sugar.

Blood sugar fluctuations are especially pronounced during the pre-menstrual time and can be a direct reason behind that supernatural transformation males dread. How a woman’s body handles her blood sugar at that time will make a visible difference to her pre-menstrual behavior. Women who are prone to a lot of lows will have the hardest time before menses. Although low blood sugar symptoms in women vary they can be easily spotted by a skilled diagnostician.

If you are not really sure what’s behind metabolic fluctuations click through to the links below for more explanations:

Hypoglycemia symptoms

Below are symptoms related to hypoglycemia, a different name for low blood sugar. If you have these symptoms, consider blood glucose swings a likely contributor to unpleasantness of your PMS. Women with dis-regulated metabolism:

  • become highly charged and capricious during that time
  • go through rages, bouts of irritability, and spits of anger
  • get easily hurt, end up defensive and weepy
  • stop at every Italian bakery to curb insatiable cravings for sweets
  • get cranky, put extra sugar in coffee, and eat double-sized portions
  • get bloated and then argue with the scale about those extra four pounds that got added in just one day
  • struggle with PMS headaches, and “skip lunch” headaches
  • get tense and tired, frustrated and edgy
  • experience panic or depression for no apparent reason
  • sleep for hours or binge uncontrollably

Maybe you need a Peacekeeper

Low blood sugar symptoms can vary substantially between women. Symptom severity can fluctuate as well, changing from one month to another. There are usually three different levels of hypoglycemia symptoms: mild, moderate, and severe. You will find the  differences in the downloadable chart below together with a long list of other symptoms of hypoglycemia.


Other concerns about low blood sugar symptoms

Correcting hypoglycemia symptoms

69 Pleasures kindle coverIf you find yourself being prone to hypoglycemia your efforts to stabilize blood sugar during PMS may be frustrating. Better results can be achieved by stabilizing sugar throughout the entire time, so that when PMS comes you may be satisfied just with just a square of chocolate rather than an ongoing ambush on local pastries. Below are dietary solutions to hypoglycemia symptoms.

Where does low blood sugar come from?

There are many ways to correct hypoglycemia symptoms and there are many surprising reasons for it.  You do not have to be a diabetic to experience it. Your nervous system can play a substantial role in promoting it. Adrenal fatigue can be a major contributor so may be few of your lifestyle habits. Click through to links related to causes:

Hypoglycemia symptoms are very common. Suspect it when you have hard time controlling weight, get tired easily, and your mood is not always the best. If you are not sure if hypoglycemia is part of your biochemical make up start with observing yourself during PMS. Monthly cycles make it rather easy to spot low blood sugar symptoms in women, so it is a good place to start.

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