most effective heartburn cures

Most effective quick heartburn cures

How many heartburn cures do you need to put out your stomach inferno?Just one, but it must be effective.

Here is a list of most effective home remedies for heartburn that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Use them for quick relief but do not forget to address the causes of heartburn

3 frugal alkaline heartburn cures

One of the quickest ways to reduce excessive stomach acid is to neutralize it with alkali. Surprisingly your kitchen may abound with alkaline substances that are suitable for heartburn emergency. Here is a list of the most common effective alkaline heartburn cures:

  • Milk; yes, that innocent carton sitting in the fridge door may turn out to be the quickest way out of the acid sting. A quick gulp or two may be all you need to feel better right away
  • Baking soda; baking soda is very alkaline and as little as 1 tsp mixed in a glass of water may be enough to put out your heartburn fire.
  • Water; if your kitchen is not well-stocked you can at least get a glass of water and gulp it down. Water can dilute the acid and flush the sensitive esophagus. That should relieve the pain and discomfort.

2 effective acid heartburn cures

You may be surprised, but using acid to calm down heartburn actually works. how adding acid works for heartburn

It works, because heartburn is seldom caused by too much acid. In most cases heartburn symptoms are caused by too little acid in the stomach.

 What happens if you have low stomach acid

Here is a home test, to check if this is true in your case stomach acid test

If you are one of the more common victims of low stomach acid you may want to try the following:

  • Vinegar; a tablespoon of vinegar dissolved in a ½ glass of water may do in most cases. You can use any type of vinegar for a quick relief.
  • Lemon juice; squeeze ½ a lemon into a ½ glass of warm water and drink. You can use the same trick to prevent sudden heartburn in the future. Just drink the lemon water mix before your next meal.

3 most soothing cures for heartburn

If you understand nothing about the acid/alkaline business and just want to protect your stomach and esophageal lining from acid erosion your best bet is to go after soothers. Soothers are substances that coat digestive surfaces and prevent acid erosion. Soothers protect delicate mucosa by hindering acid penetration. They do not work immediately like baking soda or vinegar, but they are still effective. Here they are:

  • Aloe vera; aloe very is one of the most common anti-burn remedy. Be careful to choose aloe vera juice, not the gel. Aloe vera gel can have laxative properties. Read labels. Don’t risk diarrhea on top of your heartburn.
  • Licorice; Licorice can raise blood pressure, so it is not suitable if you suffer from hypertension. Best to use in tea form. Candies contain too much sugar and can aggravate heartburn in the long run.
  • Slippery elm; you can get this herb as a tea, tinctureor convenient lozenges. Either one will work.

If none of the above works then you want to best yourself for H. Pylori, a bacteria that causes stomach discomfort as well as ulcers. It is not difficult to test for its presence. You can buy a special kit and test yourself at home. You will know whether you have H.Pylori right away.

Permanent heartburn cures

Heartburn is not caused by bad luck, genetics, or a random act of God’s smite. It is a signal that stomach is in a need of repair. The common advice to avoid foods that supposedly cause heartburn is foolish. It will not result in a permanent cure, but only in reduction of nutritional choices you have.

If your aim is to continue living more comfortably with your sick stomach however, avoiding certain foods is the surest way to accomplish it quickly. How you fix your stomach permanently is not the topic of this post, but you may want to know that permanent heartburn cures do exist. Simply put heartburn cannot coexist with good health.

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