flu fighting remedies

Must-have best natural flu-fighting remedies

This chart gives a quick overview of best natural remedies for fighting flu. Three best Grandma remedies, four most popular flu-fighting supplements, and four outstanding homeopathic remedies are listed here.

Please print this chart and post it on the fridge, so in case flu strikes you know what to do.


ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune system

“Nothing is random in health, definitely not the works of the immune system. Sniffles aren’t random either. There is a reason why the bugs have a fondness for you, not anyone else. Have you ever seen a gang of giraffes packing up in Africa and heading towards the snow-covered continents? I bet you haven’t! Giraffes hate cold. They lounge in warm climates, where they find food and comfort. Germs are not any different. They cozy themselves in favorable environment and preferably in a host with weak defenses. They won’t be sticking around hostile noses and wicked white blood cells. Rest assured, your whiffer does not need any snake oils, yearly memberships, or secret ingredients, but solid defenses, strong membranes, and germ-proofed interior.

Perfect health does not need a pile of pills or a life-long friendship with a pharmacist, but a few intelligent lifestyle changes. So read, discover, and transition to an iron-strong immune system. Now, off to the first chapter, I mean to your best health yet…. because a red nose glows well on Rudolf, not you.”

For a funny yet highly comprehensive guide on how to beat viruses, colds, and flus, refer to a great read “Ousting Sniffles“.

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