Okra oxalate stinker

Okra, another “healthy” oxalate stinker

I love okra. I love it so much that I even included one mouth-watering okra recipe in my 69 Pleasures. 

Okra is great for regulating blood sugar, so diabetics or weight gainers should put it on their plates. Okra is also great for making poop. You eat it and the next day you get a large surprise in the toilet. 

But… okra has a dark side. It is one of those “healthy vegetables” that can give you a whole whack of symptoms or even diseases. Arthritis, atherosclerosis, and leaky gut top the list. Why?

Because okra is high in oxalate, needle like crystals with piercing capabilities. These crystals can injure the gut, blood vessels, joints, kidneys, and even brain. Thank you very much. I am not a masochist. Piercing my internal organs doesn’t feel good. 

Now I look at okra, and other vegetables, like green beans with great scrutiny. Should you? Here is a list of symptoms that may make you consider saying goodbye to some vegetables:

Food for Thought

Oxalate-related symptoms

  • Frequent urination, frequent bladder infections, genital pain/sensitivity
  • Sleep, mood, behavior problems, poor concentration
  • Joint  instability, deformation, inflammation
  • Leaky gut, chronic bloating and digestive sensitivity autoimmunity

Let’s see… do you love those:

  • beans
  • peanuts, almonds, and other nuts
  • potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams
  • tofu, soy milk, soy products
  • chocolate
  • kiwis
  • blackberries and raspberries
  • black tea

These “healthy” plants can give you a whole whack of stab wounds. That’s right. Those so called “healthy foods” may turn out not to be healthy at all. So, what’s healthy? Stick around and you will know more soon. 

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