Our healthy trio: sightseeing, coffee shops and anytime fitness

Ok, so we are in Pennsylvania. We left the Walmart parking lot in Edinboro at 4am and drove through the dark morning hours towards West Virginia. Our goal was to make it as far south as possible. The winter storm that was behind us, was not to spare any of the northern states. Our drive was to be long and boring but, by Gods grace (at least), snow free.

We kept on driving only to stop for a fast food bite, phone recharge, and to use the public restroom. It took us about nine or ten hours, but eventually we made it to Charlotte, where a warm bed was offered by a friend.

Christmas came and went. We said goodbye to our host and her bunch, which included her teenage son, a jumper dog, and a green-eyed cat.

It was time to continue our journey even though Andi was battling a stomach bug that had him in bed for two days. Fortunately, we no longer had to rush anymore. I am happy to say that we successfully escaped the threat of the northern cold front. We could switch from hurried driving to leisurely sightseeing.

We have about two weeks to cross the USA from east to west, from North Carolina to Arizona, which is our destination. That translates to about three hours of driving a day. No problem, we can do it!

The next two weeks are going to be easy. We can take our time and enjoy spring-like weather in the southern states. We will be driving through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. The plan is to stop at a few sightseeing spots, a few charming coffee shops as well as a few Anytime Fitness clubs. The latter is not just for bench presses and squats. Stretching car seat stiffened muscles is only one part of the benefits. The other is warm showers and clean bathroom facilities. We love Anytime Fitness!

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