Van life DIY outdoor cooking setup

Our (improved) van life cooking options

When you are hungry. You need to eat. As we realized over the last two years, van life cooking is not for the light-hearted, especially when the space is small and it’s raining (hopefully outside, not inside).

Smell, smoke, and fumes aren’t the best appetizers. Besides, van life cooking and van life computing are not be the best side-by-side activities, unless you want bacon grease on your “d’s”, “l’s”, and “f’s”.

We don’t care for greasy keyboards, neither much for turning our step van into a smoke house. So, why not a cooking setup outside? Sure, but do you want to dig out your multipurpose puny table from under the (barely accessible) shelf just to prevent some smoke inhalation? Too much work, don’t you think? When you are hungry, you just want to eat. The last thing on your mind is to rearrange your junk.

So here comes one vanlife cooking idea: a DIY foldable cooking shelf (with wind shield wings) mounted on the side of the van. Here are progress photos:

Van life DIY outdoor cooking setup
Andi is bending an old metal sheet to create a lip that will serve two purposes: for easy attachment to the van & to add stiffness to the shelf
The shelf for the stove is perfectly bent. Andi seems to be pleased.
Thinking moment… can you see thoughts jumping on the porch?
Van life DIY outdoor cooking setup
May not be a bad idea to give it a dry run, before mounting to the van. Pork chops always welcome.
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