Our step van gets a custom door

Many step vans come with roll up doors. These are large rattling and drafty doors that go up and down like those in garages. Ours also came with a roll up door but minus the automation. Our step van was an oldie and was made long before Bluetooth got invented.

The original door did not seem to fit our purpose. We were not interested in hauling couches through the border, neither doing any back-door business. We just wanted to convert our LUVe to a casual travel companion.

The door was not only useless, but also ugly. We decided to let it go. Dismantling took some special ingenuity, since this thing was heavy like them witches. But one day it gave in.

The gap that got formed from the missing door was not any more appealing than the door itself. It needed to be filled, for looks and for safety purposes. Old plywood sheets came in. Once up, they raised a few eyebrows, especially at the mechanic, who said the contraption was quite entertaining.

Step van overhaul

Nonetheless, the plan for the new closure was genial. It was supposed to be a hinged door that could either open to the side, or open flat down like a tail gate. The plan was fantastic, but couldn’t be executed without problems.

The issue was that the door required multiple mechanisms to work. These had to be ordered from different companies, which meant they were not “immediately” compatible with each other. Only after a month of mechanical persuasion spiced with urban phraseology the task was coming nicely to completion.

The new door turned out to be even heaver than them witches weighing at around 200lb. No, we did not have a crane, just two muscular pair of arms, two strong backs, and four quads of steel. We dragged the finished project off the work horses, through the door, and onto the step van. Finally, them witches hinged without a squeak.

Now we have what we need: an insulated door with a safety lock and a modern look. Great! But it is the end of October. Does this mean we only have one more month to finish everything else?

To customize the door we used the following items:

For a full list of items we bought on line check our list. For articles on LUVe build go here.

Our step van gets a new door Our step van gets a new doorOur step van gets a new door Our step van gets a new door

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