Live Uthing about usEveryone has a story, so here is ours

There are two of us: Dorothy (DrD) and Andi. We are health enthusiasts, truth seekers, and the original Uthers.

Dorothy is a retired naturopathic physician with 20 years of experience in disease reversal. Andi is a multi-skilled perfectionist. We are both Europeans living in Canada.

We met on-line, on one of the dating sites. It worked for us. We may actually be soulmates. We spend most of the time travelling in a converted step van (if it falls apart, it’s Andi’s fault), meeting people (hope to see you too) and infecting them with our thought-provoking ideas.

We are old, but not sick or slow

We are passionates and years ago we came up with a wicked idea of starting a Uthing movement. Uthing stands for lifestyle for perpetual youthfulness. I think we discovered something totally awesome.

Old doesn’t have to mean slow, sick, or confused. But staying healthy, attractive, and vigorous does not have to translate to sweating hours in the gym, going on a starvation diet, or swallowing a pile of supplements.

We altered our genes

Despite extremely poor genetics (diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, heart disease, cancer), we managed to find a way to keep well, disease-, and meds- free. We don’t diet, we don’t count calories, we don’t live in the gym, and we don’t take enhancement supplements. We just live and Uthing happens on its own.

You CAN copy good health

We aren’t special. What we do, can work for anyone, including you. Try it! Copy our lifestyle and keep yourself youthful, productive, and healthy.

Want to see our intro blunders? For Uthing Fam eyes only.

Do your beliefs support your health?