Live Uthing about usEveryone has a story, so here is ours

There are two of us: Dorothy (nicknamed by her patients as DrD) and Andi. We are health enthusiasts dedicated to pursuing self-mastery while helping others do the same.

After passing Naturopathic Physicians’s Licensing Examinations (NPLEX) in 1999 Dorothy became a clinic director and for the next two decades focused on helping patients getting back to real health (not just managing diseases). She focused primarily on modern chronic afflictions such as insulin resistance/diabetes, gut disorders, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Andi’s massage therapist and personal trainer credentials were the key ingredients in restoring patients back to their mobility.

We no longer work in our clinic. Instead we travel North America most of the year with a mission of sharing our health expertise with everyone. The more the better, thus we hope to see you too somewhere on our way. 

We are old, but not sick or slow

We are intensely passionate about out health pursuits and a few years back we came up with Uthing . Uthing stands for “perpetual youthfulness”. It’s a way of living that prevents secondary aging, aging and illnesses due to poor lifestyle choices. I think we onto something totally awesome.  You need to meet us to see for yourself. 

For now please get it out of your mind that old should equal slow, sick, or confused and that staying in good health, remaining physically attractive, and vigorous has to translate to workout injuries, hours in the gym, going on a starvation diet, or swallowing a pile of supplements.

We altered our genes

Despite extremely poor genetics (diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, heart disease, cancer), we managed to find a way to keep well, disease-, and meds- free. We don’t diet, we don’t count calories, we don’t live in the gym, and we don’t take enhancement supplements. We just live with Uthing principles in mind and youthing happens on its own. If you are a youthfulness enthusiast you will find our insights invaluable. 

You CAN copy good health

We aren’t special. What we do, can work for anyone, including you. We are confident that once you copy our lifestyle you will find yourself more youthful, more productive, and surprisingly healthy to the point of disbelief. Want to start? Start here 


Do your beliefs support your health?