Playing with sausage

It was Victoria Day weekend 2010 when we decided to rejoin our dog paddling adventures group. The group consisted of mixed Scores, mostly level Cs, and one person was at Score E. She was a older lady with a small yappy dog. It was an easy and short hike, more like leisurely stroll rather than a brisk walk.

Less health, less fun

After approximately two hours of smelling pines, watching turtles, and cheering to our dogs splashing in lakes we realized that we were missing somebody. It took a good half-hour to find the lost soul. It was, Josie, our old lady. Her knees and legs did not want to cooperate and she had a hard time keeping up with us.

The rest of the doggie group was contented. We laughed at a frisky 14-year old terrier trying to have a date with every single dog, run away from fish-smelly wet Goldens chasing us, and stand with amazement when two horses came up to greet us.

Nature offers unlimited ways to enjoy life. The higher your health level the richer your experience. Josie had to quit half-way through the walk. She missed a lot….

WHERE: Palgrave, Ontario

Ideal for Uthing Score D

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