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Stuck with ill-health? Tired of gimmicks? Fed up of pills?

Here is something different: Uthing ProPortions, a self-discovery and self-mastery course that teaches powerful self-care techniques to achieve a youthfully functional and beautifully proportional body.

Health is a skill, not a pill!

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Uthing ProPortions: the ultimate shortcut to getting an “A” in health. Clinically proven, lifestyle approach to banish secondary aging, reverse stubborn weight, reduce chronic inflammation, and insulin resistance.

Nourish, detoxify, remodel, de-calcify and bio hack for extraordinary results.

Age backwards, gain vitality, and get the allure factor back for good. Follow Uthing ProPortions blueprint and feel 30 again.

The course was created by a former board-certified naturopathic doctor for people who no longer want to live in an ill-health state. Uthing Proportions is not a diet, but a smart shortcut to reduce aging rate as well as lower the risk for chronic degenerative conditions. It is a comprehensive, yet easy to follow eye-opening self-care guide without gimmicks, lotions, potions or fads.

The course is a result of 20 years of clinical successes as well as own personal victory overcoming multiple health problems. 

Live Uthing with us, because feeling youthful is wonderful!

Uthing ProPortion Course Outline

Segment D to C: restoring nutrient reserves

  • Module 1 –fostering real food attitude
  • Module 2 – decoding the language of signs and symptoms

Segment C to B: initiating deep detox

  • Module 3 – dropping stubborn weight and de-calcifying
  • Module 4 – recognizing signs of healing

Segment B to A: final remodeling

  • Module 5 – nourishing for the ultimate remodeling
  • Module 6 – bio-hacking physiology and longevity tips

What’s in a module? 

Each module consists of a series of 15-30 min long instructional videos, PDF summaries, quizzes, homework, shopping therapy, and additional reading;

Modules follow a specific order. Always start with Module 1.

Each module is sold separately

Note: Uthing Proportions Course is an intellectual property. The content is under copyright. No refunds after purchase.