MicroModule D1 – Motivation

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Uthing ProPortions, the only program that gradually eases you into an “A” in health. Easy, self-paced, and extremely effective.

Ditch diets and fad supplements, because health is a skill, not a pill.

Welcome to your first Uthing ProPortion MicroModule. You are starting with Motivation, because it’s a mental attitude, not a weight loss routine that defines a path to success.

MicroModule 1 has 5 video-lessons. You will get one day to work with each lesson (they are hands-on). It will take you 5 days to finish this blueprint.

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You want an “A” in health?


But how do you go about that? Do you start with counting calories, signing up for a yoga classes, or meditating in the morning? Stop! That’s the old way!

There are many roads that lead to Rome… but there is only one shortcut: the most straightforward, the fastest, the easiest, and the one with the fewest detours, failures, and restarts, Uthing ProPortions blueprint.

Uthing ProPortions an incredibly effective program that shines with results. Uthing ProPortions, a self-paced lifestyle formula, that brings back youthful body functionality and proportions.

All that while stopping chronic inflammation and improving metabolic health.

Interestingly, Uthing ProPortions does not start with a menu, nutritional outline, or a workout. It starts with something far more important, the right attitude, a foundation that turns effort into a passion and struggle into pleasure.

So, this is where your journey must start: mental preparation. It is the key ingredient can increase your chances for getting a permanent “A” in health.

MicroModule D1 – Motivation, your first step to a great health success.

What’s down the road?


Uthing ProPortions Overview 1

Here is a list of MicroModules designed for the starters Level D1, Fostering Real Food Attitude:

  • MicroModule D2 – What’s health – benchmark your ABC starting point, and measure your progress
  • MicroModule D3 – Genes+ – learn how to work with your genetic limitations, and blessings
  • MicroModule D4 – Cravings – deal with food cravings the right way
  • MicroModule D5 – Edibles – detect junk foods with ease, so you won’t mix them up with health foods
  • MicroModule D6 – Weight loss – get solid understanding what healthy weight loss is, so you don’t fall for scams
  • MicroModule D7 – Macros – start with simple menu guidelines, so you can build your nutritional reserves without overthinking
  • MicroModule D8 – 69 Pleasures – learn details of meal plan preparation, so you can eat like a king, without financial or time strain

Once you are done with Level D, Level C, and B are next.

All MicroModules are hands-on; each module has exercises and homework, which are designed to accelerate self-mastery and assist in a seamless transition into higher health.