Sandbanks Uthing

Relaxing at Sandbanks beach

Getaway Adventures with DrD

We said good bye to Greater Napanee this morning and headed towards Sandbanks Provincial Park. 40 min drive south had some unexpected eye-pleasing panorama views on Hwy 49. The pictures where definitely worth taking, but instead getting to work of shooting photos, we were just gapping around in awe.

Sandbanks is about …. sand

Sandbanks, as the name suggests, has something to do with sand. This became quite obvious when we parked the car on of the Park`s parking lot. A few steps away from the car and our feet sank in warm sand. We wobbled through the narrow path between dunes to be rewarded with a view of wide sandy shore and gently rippling waves of Lake Ontario.

The sandy shore was so long that it blended with the horizon many miles ahead. There wasn`t many people in the Park to begin with which made the beach pleasantly private. We ventured north along the shore leaving scarce beach bums behind.

Are you sure it is Ontario?

Sandbanks, I must say, surprised me with its not-so-typical for Ontario look. Rock-free banks, flat landscape, algae- and garbage-free lake, gently sloping sandy shore were very different from the city lake shore I got accustomed to. It is nice to know that this beach paradise is so close to Toronto. We definitely will go there again.

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